The Corona Diary – Day 337

A very pleasant day in Yorkshire – the sun even shone and it was quite warm. I walked up my hill and fed a carrot to the pony I have adopted. He’s getting used to a treat every day and comes trotting across. There was a brisk wind though.

On the way back I saw one of my red kites hanging in the wind and soaring between the trees. He seemed to enjoy the wind.

Back home I’ve been editing my Harper book, reading some Stephen King and listening to John Lennon.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, there is still much confusion. Not surprising when you’ve got a clown in charge with a cabinet of morons.

Hancock seems oblivious to the mess they’ve made of things and even said that he and his team should be praised!! What planet is he on?? 121,000 deaths, among the very worst in the world? The worst hit economy – and we should be grateful???

On top of that Hancock denies anything to do with his pub manager receiving a multimillion pound contract for PPE when he has no experience of producing it. Nothing to do with Hancock of course!!

The lies, corruption and cronyism is so blatant we’ve become used to it.

So Johnson has come out with his four steps to heaven (one more than Eddie Cochran). Stupidity again. Hanging things on dates is madness. You need to relax lockdown in line with levels of covid cases. It would make sense to say that when the levels of new infections reach X then we do this. A current rate of progress that should be such and such a date. We have to relate it to the levels of infection not a date!! When will they ever learn??

The debate on vaccine passports has started. Another stupidity. It’s going to happen whether we like it on not. If you want to visit your relative in a home they’ll want to see proof you have been vaccinated. Travel to other countries, visit to gigs, stadia, restaurants, clubs. They’ll be wanting proof. It’s going to happen.

Out in the USA they have just passed half a million deaths. That’s Trump’s legacy. Fauci even said as much – he said it that the huge number of deaths was due to the political divide (exacerbated by Trump).

Today in both the USA and UK new cases went up a little. We’ve got a long way to go.

In Scotland they are planning to try to completely eradicate the virus (as in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, China and Vietnam) but Johnson is still not trying for eradication. That’s a mistake. We need to go for eradication. Even if we don’t quite manage it we can get down to tiny numbers. Vietnam had just 9 new cases, New Zealand had just 7. They make us look daft!!

Oh for decent intelligent leadership instead of this dithering bunch of tossers!!!

Stay Safe – another day!!

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