The Corona Diaries – Day 335

It is warm in Yorkshire – light clouds and a wan sun slipping through. On my walk today I noticed skylarks singing from on high and, talking to fellow walkers, reports of a stoat half in his winter white and half in his spring brown. A big flock of a couple of hundred fieldfares or redwings flew overhead, wheeled around and settled in a nearby copse. It really was beginning to feel like spring. Next week it’ll probably snow!!

I’ve been working hard on the editing of my Harper book. I want to do him justice and make sure I get it right. Difficult. I’m halfway through the final edit and then it’s off to the publishers. All on course for June!!

This morning I started the day with some Chuck Berry and then settled for some JJ Cale. What would I do without music?

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland I notice Hancock lying about PPE. He claims to have delivered PPE to the carers and NHS when everyone knows it’s a lie. They were left without adequate protections and many died. It’s the old Goebbels trick – tell a lie often enough and people will believe you. It’s the stanard government policy – straight out of Orwell – black is white.

I was talking to a neighbour of mine on my walk. He works in a big engineering firm. They’ve been largely working from home and just going in two days a week. He says productivity has actually gone up and there is no way they will be going back to how they were. He used to take a drive to meet up with other managers in other cities. It took a day for an hour meeting. Now they do it on zoom and it gives seven more hours. The buzzword is agile working.

This has huge implications for post-covid working. The same thing is happening with my daughter and her engineering company, my son who is an architect and even my son who is a nurse practitioner and my son who is a teacher. I bet the NHS using zoom or telephone a lot more in the future. It’s efficient. I bet teachers will be setting zoom lessons for when schools are closed or even kids off on long-term sickness.

I reckon a lot of firms will go to two days in and three days from home. That’ll have huge impact on commuting, office space requirements, lunch provision and all manner of knock-on effects.

I think the pandemic will stimulate a lot of beneficial changes that will increase efficiency and were long overdue.

It could solve the housing shortage and what happens on the high street. We need to adapt offices and unwanted shops to provide housing.

It also means that many people can move out of cities into suburbs and countryside. That will affect house prices.

The lockdown and vaccination programme seem to be working. Our new cases went down to 10,406 with 445 deaths yesterday. That’s a good trend.

I think we should take note of the situation created by daft macho leaders like Bolsonaro and Trump. Brazil is still soaring with another 54,940 new cases and 1240 deaths. Biden is struggling to deal with the mess Trump left him. He’s got it down to 69,740 new cases with 1831 deaths. That’s under half of what Trump was running out.

We should also look at how the best countries are coping. Vietnam is well on top of its outbreak. Just 6 new cases yesterday and not a single death! New Zealand is doing even better – no new cases or deaths.

If they can do it so can we. I suggest we boot this mad shambles of a government out and entice Jacinda Ardhern over! We could do with a dose of competence!!

Stay safe!! We have to hear what our clow scarecrow of a prime minister has to say tomorrow!!

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 335

  1. Yes, working from home for much of the week seems to suit the people I do most of my work with, too. Interestingly, back in 1998, when working with Eurostar, I used to operate two days a week in London and three working at home. The job I was doing on that project – maintaining and updating 2,500 pages of technical specifications – was perfect for that rhythm. And I always made sure Friday was one of my days in London, so we could go to the pub afterwards!

    Hancock lying? What next? Seriously, it’s very bad policy to lie about something that people can think back to less than a year ago, and remember for themselves. I think that those of us who are impervious to such lies are increasing. The Orwellian Big Lie strategy is doomed in the longer term.

    1. Hancock lying like that shows an overconfidence. They really do think we are complete fools. The trouble is that they are completely right about quite a large portion of the population indoctrinated by the Mail, Express and Telegraph.

      1. I’d say arrogance, not overconfidence. But you only include the “right-sided” mainstream media in your criticism. In reality, they’re all as bad as each other.

      2. I don’t think they are all as bad as each other. Anybody is better than Trump. Most people are better than Johnson. Bolsonaro, Erdogan and Modi are other examples of crass populists.
        Leaders make a big difference to any organisation.
        Labour has a totally different emphasis to the Tories. Under Labour there is greater fairness and public services are better funded. The Tories always make cuts to the poor and public services and always give to the wealthy.
        To suggest there is no difference is nuts.
        Yes there are too many careerists. Yes there is corruption throughout, yes they all support the establishment – but there are many politicians who care and want to do a good job.

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