The Corona Diaries – Day 323

Another dull and rainy morning in lockdown so I stayed in. It looks like it will cheer up this afternoon. I’ll do my walk then.

I’ve been listening to Bob Marley and editing my Harper book. The deadline looms!!

Why the hell is our useless government so lacking in imagination??? They don’t seem to get it. They have always had this policy of containing the virus and not eradicating it. They had a chance last summer but blew it.

I think it all stems from their disastrous start. They were complacent and dithered around allowing the virus to become firmly established. Instead of shutting borders, locking down, setting up track and trace and hounding the virus out of the country they allowed it to prosper and overwhelm.

Only when the virus had become widespread did they try tot contain it – too bloody late!!

In the summer they had another opportunity. They could have done what New Zealand, China, Australia, Singapore and Vietnam did. They could have gone for complete eradication! But the fools didn’t! Instead of ramping up the track and trace and shutting down outbreaks, instead of monitoring the borders, they urged people back to work and instigated their silly eat out to help out and invited in the second wave!! Plonkers!!

119,000 deaths so far!! It did not have to be like that. Vietnam – 35 deaths. New Zealand – 26 deaths. Australia – 909 deaths. We’ve had more deaths in one day than the whole lot of them put together!! That’s not by chance. That’s because of poor policies, inaction and incompetence!!

The only reason the vaccination programme has been so good is because finally the boneheads gave it to the NHS instead of appointing some of their incompetent cronies!

Today Biden actually takes the USA back into the Paris Accord!!! YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!! It is so good to find some common sense coming out of the States. Makes such a change from the fake news, conspiracy and stupidity. Half the bloody USA think that climate warming and species extinction is a hoax. They are nuts. Trump has done so much damage. He just wanted to free up industry without regard to the environmental impact. All he cared about was making money. Health and the future could go hang. He was so ignorant!!! I don’t think the guy had ever done a single science course!! He was deliberately destructive!!

Biden may still represent the same establishment that Trump does but at least he brings some intelligence and honesty to the position. Some things will improve!!

So as the vaccinations roll out and the coronavirus is beaten down we can look forward to a brighter world!!

It won’t be long – Stay Safe!!!

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