The Corona Diaries – Day 325

The sun was shining all day. It was cold and everywhere was still covered in ice and snow. It made it look very beautiful.

I took my walk up my hill and enjoyed the landscape. It looked like a painting.

Back home I have been doing some reading, editing my Harper book and listening to The Incredible String Band – very uplifting.

Out in Coronaland the madness continues.

In the midst of a pandemic Hancock announces that they are going to reorganise the NHS. Great timing. The Tories did that ten years ago. Now they realise that all the tendering, privatisation and red tape was a bad idea. Andrew Langley’s changes are being undone.

Reorganisation costs a lot of money, causes a lot of extra work and stress, and takes time. How many more billions are they going to waste?

Perhaps that money would be better spent on rewarding the hard-working staff?

You don’t suppose they are doing it to take attention away from the mess that Brexit is causing do you?

I noticed today that Holland has taken over as the biggest seller of stocks and shares. Our city is losing its market. That’s worrying as that is where our prosperity comes from. With firms collapsing, trade with the EU down 68% and firms relocating it’s looking pretty dire.

But not to worry. Rees-Mogg reputedly made a cool £2,000,000 out of Brexit. I’m sure Gove, Johnson and the others have their fingers in the pies. They’ll be alright. It’s just a bumpy start on our way to being a third world country.

Or is it to divert our attention from the dismal performance regarding the virus? 115,000 deaths now. But they’ll be reassuring us – a fifth of the population vaccinated!! All is well. Except it’s not is it??

I think it’s time for a comparison and analysis:

CountryPopulationNew cases yesterdayDeaths yesterdayTotal deaths
USA328 million94,8933,255471,000
UK67 million13,0131,001115,000
Brazil211 million59,6021,330235,000
Vietnam96 million27035
New Zealand5 million0025

As you may be able to detect – there is quite a big difference between the performance of the top three compared with that of the bottom two.

Even if you account for the differences in population the differences are stark

Vietnam, with a population one and a half times that of the UK and bordering on China and the epicentre of the outbreak, has just 35 dead compared to our 115,000. They have just 27 new cases and no new deaths. We still have 13,013 new cases yesterday with another 1001 deaths.

Why is that?

Bad luck?

Falsifying the figures?

The WHO verified their figures.

Their poverty level is high. They have crowded cities. Their health service is supposedly not as good. They are not as prosperous. They were very close to the outbreak and had very little warning.

We are supposedly a highly developed country. One of the most prosperous in the world. We have a great health service. We are far away from the epicentre. We had plenty of warning.

They shut their borders and checked all incomers. They isolated, tested and traced. They wore masks and brought all the resources to bear.

We ignored it and complacently carried on. Then we went for herd immunity and allowed the virus a firm footing. Our apps, PPE, Track and Trace were all hived out to Tory donors and were crap. We only shut our borders this week! We let millions in without any checks or follow-up. Even when the numbers came down in the summer we sent them shooting back up with Eat Out To Help Out and Back To The Office schemes.

The figures show the difference between efficiency and ineptitude.

Trump and Bolsonaro did their macho denials, hoaxes and ‘little flu’s’ and allowed the virus to take hold. This was incompetent stupidity. Result – hundreds of thousands dead!!!

But hey – The Tories are still two points up in the polls and they are reorganising the NHS to take our attention off their incompetence.

They might be stupid but we’re even stupider!!

Stay safe!!

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