The Corona Diaries – Day 322

We’ve had some snow in Yorkshire. It laid a thin coating over everything that made the place look picturesque.

I went for a walk up my hill and took my camera. At times the sun came out at others we were caught in a blowing blizzard. I enjoyed it. I’ll put up a few photos when I’ve sorted them.

Back home I’ve been editing the Roy Harper book and listening to Traffic. My they were good.

Out in Coronaland we’re back to more panic. There are reports about the AstraZeneca vaccine being ineffective against the South African strain. That’s a worry but, so far, no reports about the effectiveness of the Pfizer on that we’ve had.

It seems that the AstraZeneca one might not stop people becoming ill but it will stop them getting severely ill. I’ll settle for that!

There were 147 cases of the South African variant reported but I bet there’s a lot more than that around. Even so it is not going to be the dominant variety – at least for a while!

The hope is that they get on top of it quickly! Some hope huh? This bunch are hardly renowned for speedy action are they? Descended from slugs – what do you expect?

Dido Harding has not get a record for efficiency – except when donating to Tory funds or spending tax payers money.

Vietnam and New Zealand are still showing us how – even though we are continuing to ignore them. New Zealand have only had 34 new cases in the last two weeks. We had 15,845 yesterday! They have had no deaths for months. We had another 373 yesterday.

Vietnam had a mini outbreak but is is under control. They only had 16 new cases yesterday and haven’t had any deaths for months.

Makes you sick doesn’t it?

The good news is that cases in the UK and USA are both coming down quite fast. The vaccine roll out (given to the NHS) is doing a great job. Public services are showing the private sector how to do things!!

They are talking of a booster in the autumn to pick up the variants!

With any luck we will be back to some kind of normality by summer and, with a boost, be back to normal next year!

When the shops open we’ll see how much damage has been done!

Stay safe!! We’re over the hump!!

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