The Corona Diaries – Day 319

Another dreary Winter day in lockdown. The same pattern. Nothing changes. Nothing much to report.

It is now four days since my vaccination. The slight tenderness in my arm wore off after a day. I suffered no other side effects. The antibodies are building up. In a week or two I will have a fair degree of immunity. Not that it seems real.

Today I went for my walk up my hill. It was misty but not too cold. Not too much to see apart from pigeons, crows, seagulls and black birds. There was still the odd shot being fired. Some creature must have popped its head up.

I noticed they have just had a survey on how well the government has done. Only 50% said they have done a bad job and amazingly 33% thought they’d done a good job!! For heavens sake – how many people do they have to kill before some people finally realise they’ve been a disaster?? They still haven’t secured the borders and we’re a year in!

You don’t get to be worst in the world for nothing!

We’ll see what the verdict is when this is all over.

I notice they are now talking about achieving herd immunity in the summer. That’d be great. The vaccine is certainly giving us a chance. But with a hopeless track and trace system, useless government strategies, porous borders, and a whole bunch of variants to confound the vaccine, I don’t hold out much hope!

They are also talking about have a vaccine passport in order to be able to visit certain specified countries. That sounds good to me. I’m ready for a bit of travelling!

Here in the UK the rates of new infections are coming down slowly but still remain high – another 20,634 cases yesterday. The good news is that the hospital and death rates are both coming down. It looks like we’re over the worst. With the level of vaccination due to cut in soon I think those rates will be coming down faster soon. It’s the same in the USA except that they had another amazing 5116 deaths yesterday. The idiots who still believe it’s a hoax and that distancing and masks are a socialist plot are killing each other. Is there no end to stupidity?

They say that it may be possible to tweak the vaccines against the new strains within six weeks! That would be great. It would mean that my second jabe would give me even greater protection!

I’m heading back to do some more editing on the Harper book and have a laugh at that Marjorie Taylor Greene! What an imbecile!!

Take care!! Stay safe!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 319

  1. Opher, what did you think of my latest COVID rant at

    I’m also having what promises to be a very interesting conversation on my latest enviro thread: with Tom Rogers. He’s a fellow Yorkshireman of yours; I haven’t met him in the flesh, but I believe he lives in Bridlington. In some ways he’s a right-wing nationalist, but he shares a lot of your views on the environment. I plan to answer his latest comment tomorrow morning. Feel free to join that discussion.

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