The Corona Diaries – Day 318

A cloudy day in Yorkshire but a little warmer to recent days. I went for my walk up my hill to the sound of gunfire and picked up some litter. It really pisses me off the way some people deliberately trashing the place!

Back home I’ve been doing some more editing and playing some Dead Kennedys. I saw them once. They were superb!

It’s my third day since my first jab. Absolutely no reaction. I like to think that in my body my immune system is shifting into gear to fight off any invading virus. It’s a nice thought. I feel a lot safer.

The sand in the ointment are those variants. I’m not sure how effective my Pfizer shot will be against those variants and it looks like Autumn before the vaccine will be tweaked. We’ll see!

With 10 million people vaccinated the effects should start to become apparent. I expect the number of cases will start to drop and that will lead to the drop in hospital cases and death. With the most vulnerable seen to we should see a dramatic effect at some point.

The variants are the problem. Hopefully our track and trace will be good enough. Surely they’ve learnt something? Dido Harding can’t be a complete twat can she? What we need is to bring to bear the full force of track, trace and isolation to contain variants.

The other obvious thing is to really come to grips with the people coming into the country at our borders. One only has to look at successful countries to see that it is incredibly important to crack down on borders and movement of people. That is what New Zealand, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia have done. It is what Brazil, the USA and UK have failed to do. It’s not rocket science – covid testing, temperature checks, details and isolation. We’ve had a year of this and they still are not doing it!!

The cases in the USA and UK are still coming down. The lockdown and safety measures are beginning to kick in but the death-rates remain stubbornly high. It takes a while for things to work their way through.

In Brazil the levels have gone back up – there are going to be a lot more deaths in the future. Bolsonaro is a useless Macho fascist pillock!

Vietnam is still trying to deal with its mini outbreak and stop it spreading. They had 66 new cases yesterday (what would we give for a mere 66 new cases?) but still no deaths. New Zealand with 1 new case and no deaths is pointing the way!!

I hope that governments are really learning lessons for dealing with the next pandemic. The main lesson is that we need a stronger WHO who can move in and isolate any outbreak before it becomes global. We need antivirals! Science needs funding! And this move to nationalism is a big mistake. The existential threats do not respect national boundaries. You cannot build walls to hold back pollutants, heatwaves, hurricanes or viruses.

I hope those people who are protesting about lockdowns are following the logic revealed by modelling. In the UK we have had 109,000 deaths. Without lockdown that would have become between 1-2,000,000. In the USA there have been 451,000 – that could easily become 4-5,000,000. Modelling is very clear. I think if the USA had suffered 4 million deaths that would have affected every family and been a great tragedy. People are daft!!

Anyway, the future is looking rosier!! Stay safe.

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