The Corona Diaries – Day 313

Just two days to go until we get our jabs!! A giant step towards liberation!

It looks as if we will be getting the AstraZeneca jab. That looks quite good for a one jab response. It provides around 73% effectiveness against symptomatic illness and a very high effectiveness against severe illness. That’ll do for me!

I don’t mind getting an illness that makes me ill for a week (though I’d rather not) but I don’t want to be put on a ventilator and die!

So roll on those two days (and then the following three weeks until the immunity sets in)!!

So today, with a chilling easterly wind numbing my face, I went up my hill. Two thirds of the winter are already behind me! I was looking towards the sea on the horizon and thinking of summer breezes, warm winds, hot suns and meeting up with friends again!

We should have our second shot by March, so as the temperature starts to rise so does our immunity.

Back home I was playing some Stones and doing some editing. I’m dubiously looking forward to the football later this afternoon! Things may be looking up.

Thank heavens the government chose to give the vaccination to the NHS instead of their useless chums!!

The EU seems to be making a real pig’s ear of the whole thing! Our NHS are doing great and the procurement was superb too! Well done!!

My hope is that as the warm weather returns and the vaccination programme rolls out the numbers of new cases will come down. If the government is wise and keeps people working at home and eating out and pubs in the open air, we will get down to smaller enough numbers for our track and trace system to be effective. If they pay people to isolate that could be effective. Then all they need to do is do a proper check and monitor at the borders and we’ll have cracked it!!

We need to help get the vaccine out world-wide to shut down the reservoir of virus and put a stop to further mutations giving rise to nasty strains.

I think we will have to have other jabs in the autumn in order to give immunity against the new strains.

Then it is back to normal!!!

So far I have known of thirteen family, friends and colleagues having had the jab – a mixture of Pfizer and AstraZeneca. All have had no symptoms apart from one who felt groggy for a day. I can handle that! Better a mild headache rather than death!

Stay safe!! Think positively – we could have had Trump or Bolsonaro!! At least our rates are coming down!

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