The Corona Diaries – Day 308

It was cold, crisp sunny day in Yorkshire. I took a brisk walk up my hill and surveyed the entire universe – well not quite all of it – the planet was in the way of quite a lot and the blue sky stopped me seeing too far! But it felt good.

Back home I was playing Edgar Broughton and I’m back to editing my two Roy Harper books – the finishing touches. The first one has a release date of June 22nd. The book is already up on Amazon to preorder. That’s nice to see.

Out there in Coronaland things are looking up. The rates seem to be coming down in both the USA and UK. It must be the Biden effect! In the USA it has gone down to 129,527 new cases with 1815 deaths. That’s a substantial drop in both. In the UK it has dropped to 30,006 new cases with 610 deaths.

That sounds like good news to me!

All we ned now is for the research on the new strains to show that the vaccine is still effective. I’d settle for it stopping you getting really ill. We’ll see.

If we had an effective Test, Track and Trace system we could hunt the new strains down and eradicate them. Unfortunately we don’t have anything as remotely effective as the systems they have in places like Singapore, Vietnam and New Zealand. They make us look daft.

So why is that?

Well the first thing that comes to mind is corruption, nepotism and incompetence. This government has been gushing out our money to their wealthy friends and putting their Tory cronies in charge – people like Dido Harding. Instead of using the profession public services set up to administer things cheaply and effectively they have been doling out contracts to their incompetent chums – apps, PPE, Track and Trace, testing. They are putting out multimillion pound contracts willy-nilly and the return is pathetic! People are being paid thousands of pounds a day to oversee ineffective systems. Go-betweens are walking off with millions! It’s criminally mad!! Somebody needs to be held responsibly.

I suggest locking the entire cabinet up in the Tower of London for starters.

Thank heavens they’ve put the NHS centre stage in vaccination. If Dido Harding or Serco were put in charge we’d still be vaccinating in 2050.

It think it is obscene that people are making huge sums of money out of this! According to the BBC ten people have made enough money to vaccinate the whole world!!

Wealth increase of 10 men during pandemic ‘could buy vaccines for all’ – BBC News

They need locking up! They are morally bankrupt. It should be a criminal offence.

Makes my blood boil.

Two more things come to mind. Firstly, we will need to vaccinate our pets. Cats and dogs can catch and pass on the virus. They could be a reservoir of the virus! The second thing is that there are advances in medicines taking place. They think they have found something that can stop you catching the disease. If the vaccine no longer works at least in future there might be suitable treatments to prevent you getting it or becoming seriously ill.

Sunshine at the end of the tunnel!!

Stay safe!!

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