The Corona Diaries – Day 305

It was blue sky and a cold but sunny day in Yorkshire! It raises your spirits when the sun shines!

I walked up my hill and surveyed the world. It was good. The bulbs are shooting. It feels that spring is coming. There were clumps of wild snowdrops in the verge. It felt like hope.

Back home I read a bit of Terry Pratchett – he always makes me laugh – and played some Fugs. I love their wacky madness, irreverence and sanity.

Nothing happens.

We’re in a bubble.

Out there in Coronaland Biden has a big job on his hands. There were another 190,630 new cases with 4142 deaths. Biden warned that there was likely to be 500,000 deaths before this was brought under control. It was good to see him signing those executive orders to undo the Trump stupidities. They won’t be drilling and mining in Alaskan national parks. There will be a big move to renewables and American is taking a front role in the war against climate change and to tackle the damage to biodiversity. He’s putting trillions into tackling coronavirus and insisting on masks on all federal property. It’s a great start.

In Brazil they are still lumbered with Bolsonaro. The amazon still burns and another 1290 people died yesterday.

Here in the UK we have our own populist clown. The vaccine roll-out continues but has not made too much of an impact as of yet. The number of new cases is slightly down at 37,892 and deaths are a little down too with 1240 yesterday. We’re on target to hit an incredible 100,000 deaths – the worst in the world.

The debate goes on as to who should get the vaccine first – the most vulnerable to lower the death rate or the key workers most at risk to stop the spread of the disease.

Much as I want my jab as soon as possible I agree that key workers deserve to be safe!

I just wish Johnson would pick up the phone and ask Jacinda Ardern or Nguyễn Phú Trọng how to do it! He won’t do that because arrogant nationalists wouldn’t dare ask anybody else. They are foreigners!

If we do manage to get all the most vulnerable vaccinated by mid February we might be looking at the possibility of lifting the lockdown! That’s actually only three weeks away!!

Of course, we have to wait two weeks for the antibody response to produce immunity and we wouldn’t get full immunity until two weeks after our second shot. Then there’s the possibility that vaccinated people might be immune but could still spread the disease!

It’s complex and obviously well beyond the capacity of our Eton morons!!

Stay safe! It’s only a small scratch!

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