The Corona Diaries – Day 297

It was pouring with rain today. I dressed according to make an assault on the south face of the hill. Fearlessly I scaled the heights, fighting my way over wild rapids up above the snowline into the world of ice. Fearlessly I took on the challenge to test my endurance to the limits as I surmounted obstacle after obstacle to reach the summit.

Alright, it was raining so I donned my rain cape and took a walk up my hill. There was a rivulet running along the side of the road that I had to step over. At the top there was some slushy snow melting under the teeming rain.

I didn’t see much in the way of wildlife – just one soggy kestrel sitting morosely on a telegraph wire!

Not my favourite walk but I still managed it. That is now 297 consecutive 5 mile+ walks. I’m covid fit!

Back home I’ve been sorting my blog, playing Buddy Holly, doing a bit of reading and mooching. A bit of a lazy day.

Out there in Coronaland, Trump has been impeached. Strange – nobody mentions the 400,000 lives that his incompetence has created. The US had another 3922 deaths today. So much for his instructions to the fools that follow him. What was it he said? ‘Don’t be afraid of this virus. We have great treatments.’ Well there’s another 4000 people who should have been a lot more worried.

It’s just a week until Trump is dumped. Then Biden can start to get some sensible policies in to help tackle this disastrous virus. Sanity and science returns.

Here in the UK we have Trumplight Johnson – our own incompetent (and largely invisible) clown. He never seems to learn. The virus is raging. We have another 47,525 new cases yesterday. That’s terrible. What is worse is that we had 1564 deaths. That is unbelievably appalling. The worst record in the whole world!! The British variant is causing havoc. It is putting young people in hospital.

There is a new variant now in Brazil. This is responsible for putting people back in hospital. Worryingly, in Manaus, they thought they had achieved herd immunity but the new variant is attacking people who have already had the illness. It’s put the rate up new cases up to 60,899 new cases with 1274 deaths. This is very worrying. It sounds as if this new variant might have changed a lot. The vaccine might not work against it!

When we had a variant the whole world shut their doors in minutes. What is Johnson’s reaction to this worrying new variant? He’s thinking about it!

Thinking about it???? Is he mad??? We should have immediately shut our borders and done it yesterday!!!

Too bloody late as usual!!!!

Just think – if they had not dithered in the beginning we wouldn’t be in this mess. If we had reacted, shut our borders and got on top of the small number of cases we could have suppressed it just like Vietnam, New Zealand, Singapore and all the others. They have no deaths and just 1 new case! Why don’t we learn???? We wouldn’t be in this mess.

Dither dither dither!!!!

The lockdown is beginning to work. The vaccination programme is rolling out. But what if after all this sacrifice we let a new variant in that the vaccine doesn’t work on???

Stay safe!! Keep hoping. We have a general election in three years!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 297

  1. Where I am, it stopped raining around noon. But it was becoming colder, and I feared frost. So, I put on my Superman cape (actually Peter Storm, but who cares?) And I set out for the promised land that is called Sainsbury’s, a mile and two thirds away and almost two hundred feet below. I not only found it, but milked it of some of its produce – in exchange for some scrip that becomes more and more worthless by the day.

    On my walk, I saw no wildlife. Wildlife prefer warm, dry weather; not cold or wet! And there were far too many dogs, on and off leads. But the “You dick” bird was singing loud and clear.

    On the way back, I saw that a taxi driver friend had parked his big comfy Volvo on the station taxi rank. So I did a deal with him. I relaxed in the comfort of the back seat, while he piloted me home; I didn’t have to slog back up the hill! In exchange, I gave him a few pounds of the same scrip. It was a win-win situation for both of us!

  2. I have questioned what if there’s a new strain and the vaccine becomes ineffective. There’s so many questions I have. Here in Los Angeles, CA we’re shut down, but the people carry on as if there is no virus.

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