The Corona Diaries – Day 296

I have been having a lazy day today. I took a walk up my hill this afternoon. It was a light drizzle. Hmmmm.

Back home I set myself down in my study to play the Rolling Stones first album. That’s quite nostalgic for me. The album came out in 1964. I was fifteen. That summer I hitch-hiked around France with my mate Foss. We camped in our tent with no front in the gardens of Youth Hostels. I discovered a full range of French cheeses, breads and yoghourt. I also discovered Austrian, German and French girls. Quite a summer.

I used to play the album on the record players in the youth hostels. Nobody had heard anything quite like it. With my long hair and Stones album I was very popular!

AaaaaaH – back to reality! Meanwhile in Coronaland they are discussing the impeachment of Trump. He’s incredibly lucky. He deserves to be taken out into a courtyard, tied to a stake and shot. I’m not in favour of capital punishment but I’d almost make an exception. Impeachment is hardly punishment for the gravity of the crime – treason, insurrection and an attempted coup???

Trump needs impeaching for his pathetic handling of the pandemic. So far he has killed 380,000 Americans through incompetence. Today there was another 4,406 deaths! The new cases are still rampant – another 229,712 cases yesterday. This virus has not peaked yet. There are going to be a lot more deaths before this is over. Places like New Zealand and Vietnam still have no deaths and just a handful of new cases.

It’s the same in the UK and Brazil. Our complacent clown and Brazil’s arrogant fascist have killed hundreds of thousands. The UK had a staggering 1,243 deaths yesterday. In Brazil it was 1,110 more deaths.

This is appalling. Just think about this level of death.

This is not something that happened by chance. Many other countries have controlled it, got on top of it and have minimal cases and deaths.

These deaths are the direct result of incompetence.

As Trump’s impeachment is being discussed and voted on the main focus is on Free Speech. Should be be deplatformed? Should he be taken off Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other platforms.

This is a thorny one. Trump has used these platforms consistently to spread lies, fake information and conspiracies.

So what is the answer to this damaging flood of fake news and conspiracy. It is undermining science and the very fabric of society.

Should these people, like Trump, who use these platforms to spread hate, incite violence and spread conspiracies, be allowed to continue undermining society?

By spreading disinformation about the coronavirus, discouraging masks and social distancing, spreading stupid ideas about bleach, UV and hydro chloroquine, Trump has killed thousands.

Should they be challenged or simply removed?

Who should control this?

I suggest they simply lock him up and take his phone away!

The light at the end of this long tunnel is that the vaccination programme is being rolled out and new treatments are being developed. Unfortunately too late for tens of thousands of people!

So stay safe and avoid conspiracy!

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