The Corona Diaries – Day 290

Wow!! 290 days of this strange isolation, of a new normality, a routine that is becoming the norm. No friends, family or entertainment! It’s getting tedious!

We’ve decorated. I’ve written and written. I’ve walked 5+ miles a day. I’ve read. I’ve watched more box sets of dramas than I can remember – 45 series of Spooks – 500 series of Bosch, I’ve killed Eve, been destroyed, been on the bridge and spiralled out of control. I seem to have picked up Swedish, French and German on the way. I can’t even remember what I’ve watched anymore.

Today we went for an afternoon walk along the beach at Bridlington to Fraisthorpe. It was pleasant and bracing – ie. bloody cold!

Out in Coronaland the madness gets out of order. Trump has gone completely nuts. Not only does he still put out lies about fraudulent votes and claim the election was stolen, he now incites his supporters to storm the Capitol.

But where were the police and guards? Why wasn’t this rally, that Trump had been promoting for days, not properly policed? Trump said they were going to contest the election and it was going to be wild. They turned up in armour and helmets for a fight. Where was the security?

This mob knew exactly what they were doing. They brought ropes and scaled the walls. They had mace and weapons. They smashed their way in and ransacked the place. To think that a President actually condoned and incited this behaviour.

He needs impeaching fast – if for no other reason that to stop him running again.

Well, I suppose it made a change from watching dramas.

The tragedy is that as this was happening the death toll for the day was nearly 4000! Did Trump care?? Not a bit. Was the mob socially distanced? I don’t think so.

This is the table of shame:

CountryNew cases yesterdayDeaths yesterday
New Zealand20

It shows quite clearly where the problem is – three populist leaders trying to be macho and making a complete balls-up of the whole thing!

In the UK our hospitals are full to overflowing and deaths running at over a 1000 a day. 50% of patients in hospital have covid. The only bright bit of news is that the vaccine is out to GPs. At least they are not trying to use their cronies on this one. They’ve failed on everything else from PPE to apps and track and trace. Now, at last, we’ve got the professionals involved.

Stay safe everyone. Resist coups. Keep the fascists down! The end is nigh!

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