The Corona Diaries – Day 288

Today had a similar pattern to yesterday. I set off for my walk in bright sunshine (although it was very cold). At the top of my hill I got caught in a hailstorm and walked back in drizzle.

Back home I’m bopping about to Little Richard! Takes me back to my early teenage days.

This afternoon I’m going to get down to some serious editing!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland we still have the clowns in charge.

Trump tries to bully and threaten officials to commit fraud and change the election result! Lock him up!!

Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson show how not to do it (2047 deaths, 543 deaths and 407 deaths) while in countries like New Zealand and Vietnam continue to have hardly any cases and no deaths!!

The contrast is so stark!! We are being ruled by nincompoops. I bet we’re all so glad that we wrested back control from Europe. A bunch of Bullingdon boys are obviously so much better.

It’s a joke. Days ago they were threatening schools with lawsuits if they shut. Now they’re threatening them with lawsuits if they open!! Just two days ago there were assertions that the schools would stay open. A day later they are shut. They go back for one single day and are shut. What a farce!!

They’ve finally cancelled the exams! About bloody time! Another farce. That could have been decided in September!! Teacher assessment could then have been organised properly. TOOO BLOOODY LATE as usual!!!!

All this was obvious weeks ago. They’ve known about the new strain since November. The stats are clear – colleges and schools have been spreading the disease.

Nothing has changed. What we have is incompetent leadership – dithering around and not making decisions quickly enough – then panicking!

This could have been avoided. Proper lockdowns to suppress the disease! Proper testing and tracking! None of the daft go back to work. Stop working from home. Eat out to help out.

If they had spent the Summer clamping down on any activity indoors – Eat outside to help out! We could have eradicated the disease – like Australia has been doing.

Now we are in a crisis! The only way out of this crisis is mass vaccination. So what is holding us back?

Is the production of vaccine a problem? Apparently not. They say they can produce it in bulk.

So it is the process.

So why don’t they declare an emergency. Gather together all the people trained to give injections – pharmacists, nurses, doctors, vets, health workers. Train up new ones (injecting is not difficult). Get the retired doctors and nurses to help deliver. Get the army involved. Set up drive in centres and work round the clock.

Firstly – they are too incompetent to organise it. They’ll have a few weeks of meetings first.

Secondly – they have put such red-tape in the way that the retired have to spend a month filling in forms before they are allowed.

Thirdly – they’ll put a pillock like Dido Harding in charge – probably a Tory donor who have never been involved in anything like it before.

Fourthly – they’ll try and ignore all existing systems and reinvent the wheel!!

Fifthly – they won’t call an emergency and put a call out to all staff – your nation needs you! Please help!! People would respond.

For heaven’s sake!! It’s not rocket science!!

Set up centres. Organise through GPs, Call in people on a rota, inject and out.

They’ve already made a huge fuck up. The vaccine comes in phials with six doses in. They were told it had five doses and have been wasting a sixth of the vaccine!! Morons!!!

Then there’s the debate about who should get it first – by age? By vulnerability? Or for key workers? Or for all workers?

They’ve gone for age!

Why not have centres with anybody turning up and get them through as quickly as possible?? Get the whole country vaccinated as quickly as possible??

Anyway – the sky ahead is blue! But I bet it is going to hail on us!

Stay safe!! The end of something is nigh – it might be life as we know it!

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