The Corona Diaries – Day 287

A bit of a mixed day today. I walked up my hill in the sunshine and then was rained on! Never mind! I’ve hardly got wet this year. Have to expect some sometime!

Back home I’ve been editing and playing some Bob Marley – great stuff.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland we await the announcement from our invisible clown – actually he’s a cross between a clown and a scarecrow!

Nicola Sturgeon was on the radio a while ago – clearly laying down the action that Scotland were going to take. I said to Liz that it would be nice to have someone who was clear, concise and knowledgeable instead of a bumbling, dithering nincompoop.

There are two big things that we have learnt from this Coronavirus pandemic:

  1. That female leaders do much better than macho male leaders. The countries doing better are mainly led by women – such as Jacinda Ardern. The countries that have been a disaster have been run by arrogant macho males – Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson.
  2. The really important people in our society are not the CEO’s, bankers chief executives; they are the cleaners, carers, drivers, shelf stackers, nurses, doctors, teachers and other key workers.

I think that should make us think. It should make us act differently.

Perhaps we need to stop electing these arrogant narcissists. They are hopeless and self-serving.

Perhaps we need to stop rewarding some people enormously while keeping others, whose contributions are enormous, on minimum wages – wages so low that it is difficult to live on!

‘Mr Trump – what measures do you think you need to bring in to curb the virus? Two to three thousand Americans are dying every day and there were another 201,980 cases yesterday. Do you need to take more stringent action?’

‘Don’t interrupt me with stupid questions when I’m trying to take a difficult putt!’

‘Mr Bolsonaro, it isn’t such a ‘little flu’ is it? It’s now killed 196,000 Brazilians. Do you regret pretending it wasn’t lethal?’

‘Don’t interrupt me when I’m signing documents to open up mining and ranching in the rainforest!’

‘Mr Johnson, with another 54,990 cases yesterday, 454 more deaths and our hospitals not coping with the influx of severe cases, are we going to have to shut schools? Put the country into lockdown? Have you lost control of the virus?

‘Arf, ugh, golly. We urgh. We jolly well have to some, er, er, arf, bulldog spirit! Right! Arf arf.’

The country is in good hands! They are managing the virus, sorting Brexit and rolling out the vaccine!!

Heaven help us all! The circus is in charge! The clown has taken over as ringmaster! The ERG are not really a bunch of nationalist Nazis.

Stay safe!!

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