The Corona Diaries – Day 276

It was sleet, cold, wet sleet. Three degrees. Not nice. I’m putting off my walk until later. I shall sit here and read and quietly contemplate the madness of my distant ancestors for wanting to leave the warmth of Africa. The only conclusion I can come to is that they were driven out by the spiders.

I’m reading backpacker by John Harris – It’s set in Thailand. I can feel the warmth.

We’re in a bubble. Just the three of us. My youngest son. He’s teaching us poker. We’re not very good. Later my middle son is popping over and we’re going for a walk up the hill. The sun is meant to be coming out but the temperature will still only be a heady four degrees.

Roll on summer.

I haven’t got covid but I do have a cold – blocked up and sniffly. As we are in isolation one is left to wonder how I’ve picked this up.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our clown has managed to pull off some kind of deal with Europe. It remains to be seen how good that will be. I’m despondent about the whole thing. We’ve lost so much. I feel sorry for my grandchildren whose opportunities are diminished. Never mind. I will not dwell.

The continent have lifted their blockade and the lorries are moving. We’ll see how Brexit goes. I’m looking forward to the immense cost and added red-tape.

Our new strain of virus seems to be going mad. The latest thoughts are, of course, that it came in from abroad. Then we have this other South African strain.

I’m hoping the scientists are right and the vaccine will still be effective. The quicker the better.

It’s not looking good here. We are in severe lockdown and the numbers are still going up – another 39,237 cases yesterday and the death-rate is through the roof with 744. This virus loves winter! Fresh air is its enemy.

It’s worse in the USA – another 227,750 cases yesterday and 3411 deaths.

We’ve become used to these numbers but they are quite chilling. Three and a half thousand people died of covid in the States yesterday. Think of the impact on families.

Places like Vietnam and New Zealand must be shaking their heads at our ineptitude. How have they got it so right (no new cases and no deaths) while we’ve got it so wrong????

I think I know the answer – we elect populist clowns and narcissists!!

When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn??

Stay Safe! The end is not yet nigh.

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