The Corona Diaries – Day 275

A cold wet drizzly day – not too pleasant for my daily walk – all coddled in raingear. The summer and ambling along in shorts, T-shirt and sandals seems a long way away.

But the days are drawing out!! The Solstice has passed. Our naked frolics in the woods has drawn the sun back. It’s heading our way!

A lot to be said for naked frolicking!

Back home I’ve been playing Sean Taylor as our bubble played poker. I’m desperately trying to win the house back! This gambling is very addictive!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland the new strain is gleefully going berserk but the ports are once again operating. The huge queues of lorries that piled up are beginning to move. Good practice for Bexit. Everyone in the south is going to have to get used to Kent being a lorry park.

Our millionaire friends and Eton schoolboys are steering the country where they want it! Giving out their contracts to their chums! So glad they’ve gained dominion over us!

The virus is having a great time. In The USA, Brazil and UK it is on the rise. 3200 deaths in the States, 968 deaths in Brazil and 691 deaths in the UK! Meanwhile, in New Zealand and Vietnam there are just a handful of cases and no deaths!!

Well after 275 days of daily 10K walks I’m a lot thinner and fitter, still haven’t become ill and am looking forward to a strange Christmas!!

Stay safe!!

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