The Corona Diaries – Day 274

I can feel the days drawing out! At least the sun was shining – a bit different to yesterdays. I took a walk down a muddy lane. The fields were waterlogged already. I reckon they’ll be well flooded in the next month or two. I think, with the changing climate, we are due to have very wet winters and dry summers. We’ll see.

We’re into the festive lethargy.

I’m presently in a bubble with my youngest son for the Christmas period. We’re talking, playing music and poker. I’ve nearly lost the house twice! We’re already drinking and eating far too much. Relaxing by doing a jigsaw of the Beatles!

Out there in Coronaland:

I’m in a bubble unable to see the rest of our family and friends which makes for a strange Christmas! They are all in their own bubbles. The whole country is one huge froth!!

It seems that we are pariahs. The whole world has shunned us and placed us in quarantine. We are trebly unclean! We’ve not only received a dose of Covid, we’ve contrived to let it get out of control and it’s developed a mutant strain! I’m expecting the apocalypse shortly! They are telling us that it is highly likely that the vaccine will work against the new strain.

There are 1500 lorries all piled up unable to go anywhere – I bet a number of them have perishable goods! What a mess!

Life in the village goes on as usual. On our walks we meet neighbours and discuss how many new cases they’ve heard of. There’s quite a few now.

Son number two is not well and has gone in for a Covid test. We’ll see. He’s a teacher. A number of his kids have had the virus so it was only a question of time. If not now then shortly.

Son number one is a nurse practitioner in constant contact with Covid cases. He has already had the disease but has just been vaccinated. So he’s OK.

The rest of us are waiting. I’m hoping to get vaccinated soon in the new year so I can get back to normal. Just as long as the vaccine works on the new strain! Time will tell.

Our cases are still high – 33,364 new cases with 215 deaths. The army have been deployed around London to shoot anybody trying to get out. (I made that bit up – that’s not going to happen for a week or two).

Meanwhile our clown of a leader refuses to put Brexit on hold while we deal with the chaos. The blockade is creating massive pile-ups of lorries! They are telling us there won’t be food shortages though!. I think they are practicing for Brexit!! As far as the ERG (European Research Group – the extreme nationalists who are presently running the country) it doesn’t matter how many die or lose their jobs, how many kids starve, or how much it costs us – just as long as we leave the EU!!

Same in the USA – Trump is busy golfing and bitching instead of dealing with the pandemic – It’s still going at over 200,000 new cases and 2000 deaths a day!! Not that he gives a shit. Same with Bolsonaro and his ‘little flu’ another 500+ deaths.

In Vietnam and New Zealand there has only been 1 new case and no deaths. I was talking to friends in Tasmania – life is normal. They have no cases. They shut their borders in OZ and stopped travel between states. Tested and tracked. It worked!

Anyway, I hope you had a great Solstice and was out there frolicking to induce the sun to come back! It worked!

Stay Safe!!

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