The Corona Diaries – Day 267

A strange sunny day though extremely wet! Nothing dried! We went for an early walk with dew and puddles! It looked good out on the fields though!

Back home I’ve been doing some reading and playing some Elmore James. Great stuff! That slide guitar is awesome.

Out there in Coronaland the same madness prevails.

In the USA there is still no sign of a national strategy as the deaths now top 301,000. When you consider there was only 116,516 American deaths in World War 1 it gives you an idea of how badly Trump has done. He’s responsible for the deaths of nearly three times the number that were killed in World War 1. That takes some doing! And it isn’t over yet. There were another 201,073 cases with 1678 deaths. Long way to go.

You might think it would get him off the golf course – but no!

Yesterday the Electoral College gave the election to Biden – 306 to 232. You’d think that might shut Trump up with all his lies about fraud – but No!

He’s making a fortune out of this – half a billion dollars and rising!! He sure knows how to con people!!

In the UK our invisible chancer is in another dithery pickle. We’ve got the oven-ready deal on the rocks. No doubt he’ll pull something out at the last minute and claim victory. Whatever comes out will be a mess. What a farce!

At the same time we have Covid numbers rising just before Christmas. We saw what a mess the USA made of Thanksgiving – the creation of thousands of deaths. Looks like we’ll do the same with Christmas!

I bet New Zealand – with no new cases or deaths – will be having a great Chstmas.

Here, the scientists are warning of disaster while Johnson sits on the fence.

In Wales the schools are doing on-line teaching in the last week. That makes sense to me. Better than having all the kids in school picking up the virus and taking it to Granny’s for Christmas. Johnson says no.

A recipe for disaster!!

I’m off back for another dose of Elmore.

Stay safe!! The end is nigh!!

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