The Corona Diaries – Day 265

Rainy day Blues – miserable grey clouds – darkness – relentless rain – short days – no sun – mirroring my mood.

Today everything seems pointless and down.

Instead of going out for a walk in the cold and rain I did an hour and a half’s walk in doors listening to a play on the radio. The play wasn’t brilliant. Walking indoors wasn’t brilliant either!

It makes you question why we have chosen to live in the temperate cold rather than a more exotic warmth. I’m missing the sun and its warmth.

So I spent some time reading – just a light bit of Stephen King – but he gets you hooked. Then I went and played some Dylan and chose Bringing It All Home – a bit of electric genius. A great album of poetry and music.

It perked me up a bit.

On a positive note I finally completed this round of editing! I now have two books edited. I’ll print this one off and then give it a good read and see what needs doing. But not yet. I’m lacking the energy and inclination.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the madness continues. We elect narcissistic sociopaths masquerading as our friends and they proceed to screw us over – but, as we invested our hopes in them we still support them.

Trump keeps challenging the election so that all the suckers keep sending him money. Somehow they don’t see the irony. All the poor fools who can’t afford a cent send in money to a billionaire who pretends to care! He and his loathsome family are making a fortune! Ivanka’s just bought a $30 million mansion! Yep – keep sending the cash suckers! He sure needs it!

Bolsonaro is still relaxing the environmental laws and pocketing the backhanders so the rainforests are blazing away, the animals screaming, the ranchers pocketing the loot and the poor dying of covid.

Johnson, with his oven-ready deal for a world-beating future, is leading us to the edge of the cliff. We either have a No-Deal Brexit or a Hard Brexit. We’ll count the cost in wasted billions, hundreds of thousands of job losses, rising prices, more poverty, more austerity, more cuts – and it’ll all be Europe’s fault! The gullible public will agree with every xenophobic bit of jingoistic nationalism streaming in vitriolic bile from the likes of the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Sun and Telegraph. While we all suffer you can bet your boots that Johnson, Rees-Mogg and their band of snooty liars will come out of this with a few million more stuffed in the bank!

They’ll dump Johnson soon and he’ll find his way through the revolving door into the land of milk and honey!

These three ignorant, selfish, greedy men are presiding over an unfurling tragedy that they don’t really care about. The USA – 207,444 new cases with 2,259 more deaths, Brazil – 43,900 new cases with 686 deaths, The UK – going up again – 21,501 new cases with another 520 deaths.

How many deaths does it take before these three morons take responsibility?

Vietnam and New Zealand – 4 new cases each with no deaths!!

Germany goes into lockdown over Christmas but we’re relaxing the rules! Watch out for mass deaths! The USA and Brazil don’t give a shit about the deaths – just as long as the economy works! Trump is probably enjoying the death-rate – that’ll serve them right for not voting for him!

As for me? I’m taking no chances. I’m staying out of the way and locking down until I get my jab!

Stay safe!

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