The Corona Diaries – Day 259

A cold day with ice and steamy breath. I fed the birds, put out the bins and did some editing in the warm!

Later in the morning I walked up my hill. Blackbirds were sitting on their hedges, playing sentinels, crows were sitting on the tree-tops. All the world was in a strange misty twilight. The sky yellows and mauves, skeleton trees in the mist on the horizon. Quite magical.

I went back home, played so Love and did some more editing.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the madness continues. Fake news, propaganda and lies are deployed.

It seems that Trump won, the Earth is flat, the vaccine is lethal, The Democrats stole 8 million votes, there is no global warming, we are being ruled by alien lizards who eat babies and the whole pandemic was a hoax.

The cohesion of the world is breaking down. Social media, with its algorithms, along with blatantly partisan media, has divided, fed the hoaxes and split the population. The hate and fury is being whipped up.

Russia and China are laughing.

The UK is plunging into a No Deal Brexit or a Hard Brexit at best.

We are already world beating in two areas (most Covid deaths and biggest impact on the economy) and shortly going to be world-beating in a third – biggest rise in poverty.

Fortunately we have Johnson and the Eton boys to bail us out. The country has every confidence that the millionaire Tories have the interests of the poor at the heart of their policy making.

I thought it would be interesting to do a complete comparison of the 5 countries I’ve been focussing on:

CountryNew Cases yesterdayDeaths yesterdayTotal deaths from Covid
The USA173,4571,111282,000
The UK17,27123161,245
New Zealand1028

While I don’t think the figures are entirely accurate (I know the figures in the UK are a lot higher than those recorded) and I know one has to take population size into account, but even with all that I find the figures stark.

Countries like Vietnam and New Zealand have handled the pandemic well, have not taken the economic hit and are largely back to normal. The death-rate is negligible compared to the UK, USA and Brazil.

The USA, UK and Brazil have been appalling. Poor planning, poor leadership, mixed messaging, complacency, lies, misinformation and politicization of the crisis has resulted in huge loss of human life and massive economic hits. Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson have been scandalously inept, callous and a liability.

The figures speak for themselves – Trump has killed more Americans than all the wars in the last century!

Here in the UK lockdown ended and some people were out on the streets as if there was no pandemic. There are even mass antilockdown rallies with people packed together without a mask in sight. Some people seem intent on being fools.

We are beginning to roll out the vaccination programme. I reckon it’ll take a couple of months to reach me and probably five months to do the whole country, reach herd immunity and get back to normal!! YipppEEE!!!!

Can’t wait!!

So – let the idiots kill each other off and stay safe!!

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