The Corona Diaries – Day 255

I’m still here after 255 days. No symptoms yet and feeling good.

Lockdown/isolation for this length of time has been good for me in many ways. I have carried out a great deal of writing and completed many projects. I have been walking five miles or more every day which has made me a lot fitter. I’m now a stone lighter than I was. I’ve decorated the entire house.

I haven’t had as much time for reading as I would have liked though. I’m looking to correct that in the next few months.

I’v watched far too much TV dramas!

Strange days!!

Today I went for my walk in the morning in gloomy dank conditions. It’s been cold with a misty drizzle. Not as nice as it could have been but when you’re wrapped up well………………..

Back home I’ve been playing some Hendrix and doing some editing.

Out in Coronaland the bizarre madness still continues! Trump has released a video of lies and false statements that has been called ‘The most dishonest ever’. He’s not merely a bad loser – he’s toxic. But the right-wing propaganda machine is still giving credence to his unsubstantiated allegations and the immoral GOP remain silent.

Meanwhile the Coronavirus is going mad. There were another 199,988 new cases with 2885 deaths. That is unbelievable! There are record hospital admissions. This is tragic. Trump is going to kill a lot more people with his selfish politicisation. Amazing that so many still have any faith in the loser.

In the UK our lockdown has brought the disease down by 30%. That not too bad but we still had 16,170 new cases yesterday and another 646 deaths. It’s got a long way to go yet!

The big debate is who is going to get vaccinated first. It looks like they are simply going to do it by age – because that is the biggest factor in its lethality. Personally I would have started with teachers, lecturers, nurses, doctors and key workers – those most likely to be involved in spreading the disease. If I was still teaching – in contact with 1000 kids a day I would like protection.

But then, at least we have the vaccine!

The trouble is that we will not be out of the woods until such time as we reach herd immunity! That’ll take a few months. There are going to be a lot of deaths and badly, permanently damaged people between now and then.

This is far from over!

Stay safe.

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 255

  1. It’s been Hella crazy since the start of 2020. Hope things lighten up next year cause I don’t know if this country can sustain this craziness for much longer. Lay low and stay safe. God Bless.

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