Sighting the Falkland Islands and Giant Petrels.

As we approached the Falklands there were many Giant Petrels around our boat. These birds have wingspans of seven feet. The Falkland islands came into sight. I was enjoying myself.

4 thoughts on “Sighting the Falkland Islands and Giant Petrels.

  1. I am glad there is beauty to be found there. A young nephew spent 3 months there with the army recently. His father fought there in the hideous Thatcher conflict in the 1980 and still has some degree of trauma. He talks of bodies at Goose Green and he was blown up on the Sit Galahad. How insane we humans are. What insanity – war.

    1. Fortunately there is a lot of beauty to be found there but there is also the battlefields and mines – the madness of war. Such stupidity.

      1. Terrible absolutely shocking. And yet we continue to celebrate death and the military. I always find the pomp of the Cenotaph ceremony very two edged. I regret the deaths but somehow these ceremonies seem to glorify war. Valhalla writ large.

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