The Corona Diaries – Day 253

Cold, bright and sunny today. I’m not such quite how I’d have coped with these 253 days of isolation if it had been rainy. I think I’ve only been rained on three times since the beginning of lockdown. Of course, I’ve had to pick what time of day to take a walk but even so.

To be able yo get out into nature and see the fabulous wildlife has been a real boost.

Today I’ve been reliving by early youth with all those fabulous Beat groups of the mid sixties. I was fourteen again!!

It seems that my younger sister and husband are recovering from Covid. They’ve both been really ill. Their older son is still very poorly though the other two (who live in the same house) have not gone down with it. Strange eh?

My friend seems to be on the mend too! He’s been really ill.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland Trump continues to rage impotently, making up all manner of conspiracy theories – it is like a brat in a real tantrum. Perhaps, he should give up holding all these meetings with his sycophants about how to steal the election. I think he believes all that shit. He does think that the machines were rigged and truckloads of ballots were brought to the polling stations in the middle of the night.

He has a job to do and he’s not doing it. Another 167,756 new cases with another 1265 Deaths. And he is still not telling people what they need to do! His buddy, Bolsonaro, is backing up his absurd claims. He’s presiding over another 21,138 new cases and 287 more deaths as Brazil is up there with The USA as the worst in the world.

Even Scott Atlas, the radiologist who knows nothing about pandemics, who Trump stupidly put in charge, who played down the virus and so is culpable, along with Trump, is jumping the drowning ship!

Here in the UK we have a further 12,155 new cases (coming down as the lockdown bites) with 203 new deaths. Still 203 too many! We trot out these numbers and each one is a life! Trump doesn’t get that. To him they’re just losers!! Johnson should b contrite and embarrassed. He may be a clown but I don’t think he’s as callous as Trump or Bolsonaro.

Today in parliament they are voting on the tier system. The Tory right-wing want to open up the country and let people take their chances. The more moderates put people first. Labour is abstaining and watching the Tories tear themselves apart. Should be fun.

Vaccination may start in the USA in a couple of weeks. They were going to start here too but seem to have put that back a week or two – probably January now.

The Antivaxxer conspiracy theories are rampant. I can understand people being a little leery of side effects byt Bill Gates putting in microchips to control us??? Really??? How stupid do you think we are??? Who makes this stuff up??

I’m counting the days until I can get a shot in my arm. I’ll risk side effects over Covid any day. Vaccines don’t scare me!

Stay safe!! Herd immunity is on its way!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 253

  1. Well, I’ll take the COVID vaccine when it’s available, but I won’t press towards the front rank. Customer-facing health care staff ought to get it first. Then, doctors’ surgeries, and in time hospitals, will be able to go back to some semblance of normal. There’s an additional benefit in this; if there are any bad side-effects, the first people to take the vaccine will also be the best equipped to know when something is going wrong, and what it might be.

    I hope to get my new COVID article out tomorrow.

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