The Corona Diaries – Day 252

Here we are in day 252. That’s a lot of isolation!

It was raining this morning so I stayed in, played some Elmore James and did some editing. The sun came up in the afternoon and I took my walk up my hill. The ground was wet and muddy but the sun was bright and the air was clear. I could see right over to the sea. Strange to see ship cruising on the horizon.

Meanwhile, in coronaland we are approaching the end of lockdown – not that too many people would notice. As we come out of Lockdown we go straight into Tier 3. It’s not going to affect me much. I’ll still be pretty much isolated.

In the USA Trump is still whingeing and losing every lawsuit while the country is floundering with 136,313 new cases plus another 818 deaths. He needs to start doing his job and getting to grips with this disease. It’s killed vast numbers.

In the UK we’re going down – 12,155 new cases and 215 deaths. If we can get it down a bit more and use Track and Trace wisely we could be on top of it. I’m not holding my breath. This lot can’t organise a piss-up in a brewery.

Vietnam and New Zealand are still showing the way – just 6 new cases between them and no new deaths. They’ve only registered 60 deaths between the two of them in the whole pandemic. That makes the USA’s 267,000 deaths look like the carnage of a world war!

You’d think Trump would be embarrassed wouldn’t you?

One good thing that has come out of this is that infectious diseases are down 30%. Just goes to show!

Isn’t it obvious what we should all be doing – here and in the States?

Checking and testing all people entering the country.

Checking and testing and following up all people with symptoms.

Social distancing.

Avoiding contact with people or surfaces.

Avoiding being indoors with people.

Wearing masks.

Washing hands.

Why isn’t Trump pushing this? Does he want people dead?

Why haven’t we got an effective Track and Trace system?

All mouth and no trousers!!

There is talk that the vaccinations will start in about a week. Not sure which one. Not sure it really matters – as long as they work, although the Oxford is easier to deploy (doesn’t need to be kept at -80) and is cheaper – but might be less effective.

It is becoming clear that airlines, football stadia and many other places are going to require a certificate of vaccination. Good job too. Should be compulsory in schools as well. That would stop the asymptomatic spread.

I’m fed up with antivaxxers facilitating the return of so many diseases – even killers like tuberculosis and polio. It should be compulsory to protect us all.

It will be great to get back to normal!!

Stay safe!!

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