The Corona Diaries – Day 249

I am beginning to feel that I’ve been in this weird lockdown forever. It’s unreal and becoming normal.

Life has gone into some repeating pattern. I like a bit more variety and interaction than this.

I walked up my hill in the sunshine and cold. There were no murmurations, red kites or stoats, but some nice sunshine on the green fields made it worthwhile. I think my body is getting used to this daily two hour walk. It’s not protesting too much.

Back home I set about publishing my poetry books. Amazingly, during lockdown I realised that I had written over five hundred poems. So I set about sorting, editing, correcting and arranging them. It is a task I have been doing for a week or two.

I found I had four volumes.

Yesterday I published Polly Ticks, Squawks, Trumps and Parasites. It is a volume of political poems – ditties about Trump mainly.

Today I published Poems For The Planet – a collection of my poems about nature and the environment.

I also published Random Muses From My Mind – a collection of poems about all manner of things from suicide bombers to Rock Music, via quantum physics and celebrity.

I am present working on the last volume 350 Million Oven-Ready World-Beating Poems.

It’s keeping me busy.

Then I’m back on my Harper books. It is keeping me busy. I’m enjoying myself.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the mayhem and madness continues.

Trump is still having a meltdown, claiming widespread fraud in the election with absolutely no evidence. He’s evil. This is all geared to psyching up his base and undermining Biden and democracy. Unprecedented and unworthy. Nobody has ever behaved as badly as this in American history.

Perhaps he should start doing something about the terrible Covid-19 virus? He’s allowing it to get out of control and doesn’t seem to care!

Yesterday there were another 103,116 new cases with 1,178 deaths! Surely this requires some attention??? Seemingly not.

He does not give a damn about the 265,000 Americans who have died on his watch! All that matters is his power.

Same in Brazil with Bolsonaro – 37,614 new cases just yesterday with 691 deaths

I do not think these men have any conscience!

Here in the UK we had another 17,555 new cases with 498 deaths.

Once again, I have to compare this to countries who were prepared and took decisive action – New Zealand and Vietnam had only 17 new cases and again – no deaths. Life there is normal! We’re in lockdown with economic catastrophe!!

We’re heading for Brexit with more job losses and pain.

Still think these populists were a good idea? The three fools have killed over a third of a million people between them!!

So we head towards Christmas with ‘Don’t Hug a Granny’ and tiers that very much resemble lockdown, foolish lifting of restrictions over Christmas, a big revolt of Tory MPs (who don’t care about deaths) and the promise of tests and vaccines.

We’ll see. The story hasn’t been good so far.

The good news is that they are not giving the vaccine distribution to their chums like they’ve done with everything else. They are giving it to the NHS this time – so it might work!!

Over in Denmark, where they buried millions of mink because of mutating Covid virus, they are digging them up. They decided that they should have been incinerated!

It soundds to me as if this might be a good time to stop keeping poor animals locked in cages like this just to kill for their fur. It stinks!!

When will we grow out of this cruelty??

It’s not a nice world we have created.

2 out of 10. We need to do a lot better!

So stay safe – and let’s make some positive changes!!

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