The Corona Diaries – Day 248

Well incredibly, I still have not had Covid. I suppose that is not surprising because we are not have contact with people, but it wasn’t really what I was expecting.

I do now know of a number of people who have had the illness with varying degrees of sickness, and one who has died (a 52 year old cyclist).

With Christmas looming we are steering clear of meeting up with family. We might have a get together when we’ve had the vaccine!

Today started sunny so we decided to head for the coast and have a walk by the sea.

There were lots of wading birds along the water’s edge. Great to see.

Back home I’ve been working on my poetry books and listening to some early acoustic Dylan. He was brilliant, wasn’t he?

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, Mad Trump continues to rail and whine. He is now saying that he must have won because of the size of his rally crowds! Poor fool hasn’t realised that it is the size of the vote that counts – not the rally crowds! They are just the fanatic nutters.

His incompetence killed another 2313 people yesterday. Can you believe that??? If this had been a terrorist attack the USA would be nuking people. That is now over 263,000 people dead in the USA compared to 25 in New Zealand. Jacinda Ardherne was presiding over 1 new case yesterday. She did it right. He did it wrong and is still doing it wrong. At this rate Biden won’t have too many left to preside over! It’s a catastrophe.

In the UK we are still in lockdown but had another 18,213 new cases yesterday. I think people have stopped paying any attention to our clown in chief. He’s an idiot. We had another 695 deaths.

In Brazil it is zooming up again – 47,898 new cases and 654 deaths!

Populism is taking a heavy toll on people. Hopefully we have learnt our lesson – but I doubt it. People are daft.

I’m getting back to my poetry. Stay safe everyone. A vaccine is coming!

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