Poetry – The Money Forest

The Money Forest

The Tories discovered a money forest

After disparaging Corbyn’s tree,

And wasted it on all their friends

Giving away money for free!

Opher – 25.11.2020

Oh how they attacked Corbyn for his unrealistic spending.

The money wasn’t there.

There was no money tree.

Corbyn dreamed of stimulating the economy so that it would grow and flourish producing prosperity for all.

The Tories are not interested in prosperity for all.

They want austerity for the poor and prosperity for the elite.

Money is wasted on the plebs.

Now the Virus and Brexit have created a crisis. They have discovered money coming out their ears.

They gave it out to their friends and cronies with lucrative contracts not put through tender – to firms that didn’t exist and firms that could not deliver.

Desperately trying to paper over the cracks of their poor planning.

The Cygnus report had pointed out the lack of supplies of PPE, the lack of ventilators and medical needs. They ignored it.

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit.

So when it came to it (the inevitable) we were caught out and wasted countless billions.

Now we’re in trouble.

Do we borrow, invest, grow and pay off the debt, now that borrowing is for free? Or do we make the poor heroes of the pandemic pick up the tab?

Do we plug the tax loopholes that enable the wealthy to pay no tax or do we cut the wages of public servants?

Let me see………………….. uhuh………Tory ideology.

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