Poetry – A slap in the face

A slap in the face

We risked our lives to teach your kids

To empty your bins and deliver your goods.

We cared for your elderly and worked in your shops.

We risked our lives until we were out of the woods.

One again we’re paying for government failure

For wasting billions on useless PPE,

For giving out contracts to all of their cronies;

For failure to plan for this virus properly.

Our reward for our efforts and the risks that we took

Is just a pat on the back and clap in the streets.

A drop in our income, an increase in our taxes

While the bankers are laughing with all the tax cheats.

We had ten years of austerity and now ten years more.

For the public servants they reserve their brutality.

We see Tory incompetence can be laid at their door.

For a government bereft of vision or morality.

Opher – 26.11.2020

They have clear choices.

They can borrow money at 0.2% interest. Given inflation that is money for free.

The cost of paying the national debt has actually gone down.

Never has such an opportunity existed. We can borrow and build like never before.

We can reward the workers who took all those risks and paid with their lives.

We can stimulate the economy, earn so much more and pay off the debts.

But no.

Tories hate the public servants and their xenophobia shines.

They chose to punish the poor and cut aid for the poorest instead of plugging tax loopholes for the wealthy!!

This is Tory ideology in practice – callous, vindictive and plain nasty!

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