The Corona Diaries – Day 245

It was very cold today – a little foretaste of winter! I walked up my hill in the wan sunlight seeping through a thin layer of cloud. About four weeks off the shortest day! Days are short!!

Back home I am listening to The Incredible String Band and working on a few poetry books! They need a good bit of disassembling!

Well here I am on day 245 of our isolation! Still no symptoms to report! But my sister is just showing signs of recovering after two weeks of bad flu-like symptoms, aches, pains, coughs, fatigue and no sense of taste or smell! Her husband is on the mend too but their oldest son has not gone down with it. Another friend has also gone down with it. Not sure how he’s doing.

There’s a lot of it about and it sounds nasty!! I think I’ll pass!

Out there in Coronaland much is going on. We are still going full steam ahead for a Brexit crash. But not to worry. They will hide the economic damage behind the covid smokescreen and plans are well ahead to further Tory ideology and let the plebs pick up the tab! As long as you know your place (at the bottom of the heap) and keep voting Tory everthing will be just hunky dory!!

So we head for Christmas with another 18,662 new cases and 396 deaths – even worse that lamentable Brazil!! (18,615 new cases with 196 deaths)! To be worse than Brazil is really bad!!

The Tories have a new policy for Christmas and New Year: meet up with your family in December to celebrate!! Meet with your family again in January to bury them!

It’ll be back to tiers (and tears) after lockdown but most places from gyms to hairdressers will be allowed to open and they are going to let people in to the football!!

Can’t wait to get vaccinated!!

In the USA, where Trump is busy sacking people and losing court cases, still coming out with a string of lies and fabrications, denying reality and looking like a surly brat, the pandemic is raging out of control – another 141,648 new cases yesterday with 844 deaths!! This must make Trump the President who has killed the most Americans in the whole of history!! And we’re not through yet!!

Not that Trump cares. He’s out on the golf course ignoring it! You wouldn’t think that he had any responsibility. If the American people reject him – then let them die!! It’s what they deserve!!

The British vaccine comes through its tests and is looking good! We’re spoilt for choice.

I had to laugh when a scientist was asked about the antivaxxers. He just said ‘good luck to them’.

I guess it’s a process of natural selection – same as we’re seeing in the States with the Trumpists!!

Nature has a way of weeding out those not fitted for the next gene pool!

So, all you out there in Coronaland, stay safe!! Four or five months to go!!! Freedom!! Freedom!!

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