The Corona Diaries – Day 243

It was a bit gloomy and cold today but I still managed my walk. They was a cold, blustery westerly wind with a slight drizzle at times. A bit exhilarating!

I’m still fit and well and even in good mental state!!

Back home I completed the second edit! I’m going to give it a read through and then have my editor take a look! All good.

I’ve been playing some R L Burnside and watching the rugby. Excellento!

Meanwhile in Coronaland, The USA is going mad with another incredible 198,537 new cases and 1947 deaths. Trump is going out on a mound of mass graves!! He’s still trying to make out he won and inciting his mob to cause trouble despite the fact that nobody has come up with anything wrong yet. He just lost!

Here in the UK Johnson is also making a pig’s ear of it with another 19,872 new cases, despite being in lockdown, and 341 deaths.

In New Zealand there were 6 new cases and no deaths. In Vietnam there was 1 new case and no deaths. How they must be laughing at our ineptitude!!

The Tory plans are underway. There will be a pay freeze for key workers again! The poor will pick up the tab!

Meanwhile their cronyism goes past with hardly a mention as they splash our money out to their friends.

Bullying is fully sanctioned – it’s the way the Tories operate – just normal procedure.

It sounds like the lockdown is going to have to continue in place for the foreseeable even though the curve is flattening.

It would be a shame to catch it and die with the vaccine on the horizon, wouldn’t it??

So stay safe!!

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