The Corona Diaries – Day 238

It has been 238 days of weirdness, 238 days of not hugging friends and our kids and grandkids. 238 days of no gigs, cinema or theatre. 238 days of semi-isolation.

Well I’m still here. I haven’t got the virus. I haven’t died. That’s good.

Physically I’m pretty fit. I’ve been walking for two hours every day.

Mentally I’m getting jaded. I’m running low on energy and concentration.

This period of lockdown/Isolation has been very productive. I have written 5 books and three books of poetry. I have decorated most of the house. I’ve read a lot, watched a lot of TV drama and listened to a lot of music!

What I’ve missed is the close, natural contact and interaction.

I think there is a constant stress. We don’t even register it but it’s there. We are constantly aware. There is an unseen virus around that could either kill us or make us extremely ill. It makes us ultra-aware of touching anything or being near to anyone.

It is not normal and it takes its toll psychologically and emotionally.

Today I went for a long walk up my hill. It was pleasant to be surrounded by nature.

I came back, did some writing and have been playing the Doors very loud. Very cathartic.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the madness continues.

In the USA Trump actually acknowledged defeat in a tweet but is still firing up his base with absurd unfounded conspiracy theories and using all manner of underhand tactics. He’s trying to create a civil war!! The man is psychotic!!

He doesn’t care that there are hundreds of thousands dying in the midst of a pandemic – another 135,187 new cases yesterday with 623 deaths. They are expendable pawns in his political power game. Money is the only thing that matters.

Here in the UK we have chaos in Whitehall. Johnson is frantically trying to shore-up a dramatically split government. Ousted Cummings will hit back!! Incompetence and ineptitude reign. The clown is trying to be a ring master and only coming over as a buffoon. His bubble has burst!! The worst covid19 deaths per million in the world. The worst hit economy. The worst Prime Minister!!! Takes some doing – another 24,962 cases yesterday despite lockdown (though from the people out you would not know we are in lockdown at all) – another 168 deaths. The figures mount.

In New Zealand – where there did the right things and got it under control – where they have competent government – there were no new cases and no deaths. That tells you something!!

The populist fools – Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson, Modi, Erdogan – all rampant covid!!! Jacinda Ardhern back to normal!!

Maybe the world will come to its senses??

Stay safe!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 238

  1. Yes Opher, my COVID spreadsheets already tell me that the lockdown isn’t working. Intensify it and extend it to places that don’t need it, as they have done, and you have tyranny. I suspect that may be part of why Cummings has gone.

    1. It takes a while. Biologically it must work. If people are not in contact then the disease cannot be spread. The less contact the less spread.
      The weakness is people cheating or not doing it properly. Virus transmission requires either direct contact, secondary contact or breathing in aerosol. If you’re not in a room with an infected person you are unlikely to catch it. Picking it up off things that infected people have touched is probably far less risky. I don’t agree with this tyranny angle. I thought you said the hospital numbers and deaths wouldn’t be rising?
      We’ll see.
      Don’t you think that Cummings’ exit is more to do with Biden??? Cummings was after a no deal exit and a US deal. That US deal is now out the window and the no deal Brexit is not attractive at all – would provoke a US backlash. I think Johnson has panicked and dumped Cummings (after heated disagreement) and is probably going for an agreement.
      Good old Biden I say – he saved our bacon. It’s a shame he wasn’t in power four years ago it would have stopped this folly.

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