The Corona Diaries – Day 236

Well day 236 finds us both fine, if a little jaded and out of sorts, but my younger sister and her husband have gone down with the virus. Hopefully they will be OK. It’s a bit scary.

This second lockdown doesn’t feel like a lockdown at all. There are a lot of cars on the roads, people on the streets and a general complacency. We’ll see if it works. I don’t hold out much hope for Christmas.

We went out for a two hour stroll around the village and back lane. It was a contrast to yesterday. There was a warm wing with grey skies and fast moving cloud – but we didn’t get rained on!

Out in Coronaland:

Here in the UK there was a small drop in new cases down to 27,301 with 376 deaths. It’s a move in the right direction.

What a mess Johnson has made of this – 50,000 deaths – the worst in Europe! The worst hit economy – The worst number of job losses. I hope they are going to be held to account for this fiasco.

At least getting rid of that arrogant git Cummings was a move in the right direction. That lying piece of scum has cost this country billions and created havoc. A complete slimeball. The question is – how will our brainless, lazy prime minister cope now? Will he get some other cretin in to do the work he should be doing?

Talking of lazy gits – my attention goes to the USA – Trump out on the golf course and not going to the Coronavirus meetings, in fact avoiding working at all – just in a surly temper tantrum. Meanwhile, the USA is in big trouble. The new virus cases soared to 181,194 with 1389 more deaths yesterday. That is staggering. It is a complete disaster – yet the moron responsible is out playing golf!! Unbelievable!! He’s still lying and falsely claiming fraud, not conceding and denying Biden access.

Not just a sore loser but a real threat to democracy. The sooner he gets locked up for dodgy dealing or tax evasion the better.

Vietnam and New Zealand continue to show us all how to do it. They both have just three new cases and no deaths yesterday. That’s not by chance; that’s planning and strategy. It makes Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro look like fools!! I know, that’s not hard.

The big questions are – will lockdown work this time? How good is this fast speed testing?? And when do we get the vaccine??

Keep watching this space – and stay safe!!

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