The Corona Diaries – Day 232

I’ve spent most of the day writing – which has been enjoyable. It involves listening to a lot of good music!

I’ve been playing a lot Jackson C Frank which always makes me feel a little sad.

This afternoon we took a walk along the cliffs at Bridlington. There was a diffuse foggy, autumnal light that was very strange, eerie and interesting. Very different to last time we came. A carpet of leaves greeted us in Sewerby gardens. A pleasant walk.

Back in Coronaland I thought it would be interesting to compare the death rates of my chosen countries:

USA (top of the list) – 239,000 deaths (Population 331 million)

Brazil – 163,000 deaths (Population 212.5 million)

UK – 49,238 deaths (Population – 68 million)

Vietnam – 35 deaths. (Population – 97 million)

New Zealand -25 deaths (Population – 5 million)

Well, you can do the math. If New Zealand was compared, population-wise, to the USA there would be 1,650 deaths whereas Vietnam would just have 140 deaths. For me it clearly shows what a mess Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson have made of things. Populism – inept and irresponsible.

In the USA it is continuing to surge with another 130,553 cases and 745 deaths. Despite this appalling record, Trump is doing everything he can to hold on to power. I notice that the international observers gave the election a clean bill of health. He doesn’t care if he destroys democracy! I see Biden is already taking steps to sort Trump’s mess out!

In the UK we have another 21,350 cases. They let it get out of control!! Can they get the genie back in the bottle??

Well mass testing might come to their rescue. That seems to be the best hope for the near future.

The vaccine might appear before Christmas but will only be used on Care Homes and key workers. It won’t get rolled out to us until Spring. That another four or five months to get through! I’m pleased to see that they are talking about funding the NHS to deliver it. Use the professionals!! That’s what they should have done with Track and Trace! We wouldn’t be in this mess.

This isolation is becoming very wearying!! I might take to drink or dope in a big way!!

Just 5 months to go Folks – Stay safe!

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