The Corona Diaries – Day 227

It was a bit of a cloudy old day today but I went for my usual walk up the hill and at least it didn’t rain on me.

Back home I’ve been playing some Pentangle and doing my tax return. It’s been a fun day!!

Back in Coronaland this is the current state of play:

USA – up to 107,872 new cases with 1616 deaths yesterday.

UK – up to 25,177 new cases with 492 deaths

Brazil – up to 23,976 new cases with 610 deaths

Vietnam – 4 new cases and 0 deaths

New Zealand – 2 new cases and 0 deaths

It looks like Trump is going to leave a legacy that a lot of American families are never going to forget!

Looking at how places like New Zealand have performed makes it quite clear how badly the UK, USA and Brazil have done. It looks like we’ve got rid of the bombastic Trump. We now need to rid ourselves of Johnson and Bolsonaro and get the world back to some semblance of normality!

Today in Bonfire Night – Guy Fawkes. A celebration of the fact that somebody tried to blow up our politicians. In recent years it has been overshadowed by Halloween, but in my day Halloween was just some distant US thing (imported from Ireland) of no significance, while firework day was the big thing. We did a lot of ‘Penny for the Guy, mister’ and bought loads of bangers.

It’s Trump producing the fireworks right now.

The first day in lockdown has been much like all the others! It’s getting mighty boring!!

Roll on a vaccine!! I want a gig or two! I want the theatre!! I want to meet up with friends and family and hug!!

I want rid of this disastrous bunch of extremist fools!

Stay safe everyone.

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