Poetry – I’m a Star!!

I’m a Star!!

I live inside a star

Within its light and heat;

The universe at my heels

The earth beneath my feet.

My body made of atoms,

My mind electricity.

I breathe its very fire,

And drink its energy.

I glow, I shine,

I radiate the truth

Of a universe

For which there

Is no proof.

I am a quantum being

Surfing reality.

If Shrodinger’s cat escapes

What will become of me?

Opher – 4.11.2020

It is amazing to think that we live within the atmosphere of a star and are utterly dependent on its output.

We think we understand the reality of our universe but recently quantum physics has turned that on its head.

It’s all unreal.

3 thoughts on “Poetry – I’m a Star!!

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