The Corona Diaries – Day 225

The sun shone brightly so we decided to go for a klong walk today. That meant a three hour walk around to the next village and back. The trees were in full plumage, though many were already bare, little white clouds scudded across a blue sky.

It felt cool but refreshing!

Back home I’ve been playing some Mothers Of Invention and writing. All is good.

Over in Coronaland it looks pretty dire. We head into full lockdown again the day after tomorrow. It’s initially for four weeks – but we will see. If they had done what the scientists had pressed for – a two week circuit-break a few weeks back. We would be OK now! We could have closed everything – including schools for two weeks. They were on half term and would only have missed five days of school – but the Covid levels would have come down.

So many jobs and businesses are going to go. It’ll cost us all a fortune. (Brexit still to come!!)

Late as usual. Too busy dithering!! Bunch of Eton, Bullingdon morons!!

We’ve zoomed up to 18,950 new cases and 136 deaths!! We’re doing worse than Brazil!! (8,501 new cases and 179 deaths).

I wonder how many deaths and how many billions this clown has cost us??

I notice the USA is surging again – up to 93,581 new cases with 540 new deaths. I reckon all those stupid undistanced Trump rallies are going to kill a lot of people and put a lot of businesses out of business. Utter fools.

Perhaps today we can dump Trump and get back to some sanity – less hate and division, more science and more sense.

Vote the obnoxious snake-oil salesman out America!! He’s toxic!!

In New Zealand they’ve had a big surge – up to 5 new cases!!! (0deaths though).

In Vietnam it’s even worse – 12 new cases (0 deaths)

When this is all over perhaps we should line up Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro, put them in the stocks and throw rotten fruit at them – show them what we think about their lies and incompetence.

Meanwhile, there is some good news:

The fast tests are here!! We can test for Corona really quickly – test results in 30 mins. That means we can get people to isolate and we do not have to rely on useless SERCO and Dido Harding with their ineffective Test and Trace. Hopefully they’ll go local now – like they should have done from the beginning!!

A bit of research shows that our immune T-cells are still effective six months later. That indicates that a vaccine should work.

Perhaps we are at a new dawn??? The end of Trump, fast tests and a vaccine around the corner.

We can but hope!!!

Stay safe!!

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