The Corona Diaries – Day 223

Today we met up with my eldest son, his wife and children for a socially distanced walk. We went to Goathland and the waterfall at Malham Spout. The sun shone, the trees were wearing an iridescent coat of many colours. The river rushed, the waterfall crashed. The mud slipped and slid, sploshed and slopped.

We had a great time but it is hard not giving hugs!!

Back home I’ve been playing some Willie Dixon. What a great Blues guy he was.

It was like a holiday from Coronaland. This week we slide into lockdown – too late as usual. Our lamentable PM – Mr Invisible – dithers around, ignores the scientific advice and does everything too late. Never mind it’ll only kill off another 40,000 and make the lockdown last a few weeks longer.

I look back over some of the stupidities – the cosmetic nonsense – like the 10.00 pm curfews – the daft encouraging people to go back to the office, the stupid ‘eat out to help out’ scheme. They obviously should have encouraged people to stay outside and not go inside. Local councils could have passed byelaws to open up pavements. It was Summer. We could, with a half decent Test and Trace scheme, have completely got on top of the virus.

Lockdown without shutting down schools??? A bit of madness. The kids will just be taking the virus back home!!

Too stupid and inept for that. Too much corruption – giving out contracts to ‘friends’ and untried fools, instead of using existing services and augmenting them with extra cash (far cheaper) – using the professionals with proven experience. Instead there is no tendering and lots of jobs for the boys!! How many billions have they wasted???

Now we have a full lockdown again. Now we have another 23,254 new cases (we’re now worse than the diabolical Brazil!!) with 326 deaths yesterday!!

That’s pathetic!! That’s appalling!! That is death due to incompetence!!

In the USA there were 84,285 new cases (liberty kills – I hope they think their stupidity in not distancing or wearing masks is worth it??) with another 846 deaths. That means there are 846 people, 846 more families who might be ruing that they did not do what the scientists have been saying for them to do.

The only good thing is that it might mean that we all get rid of Trump. Many people have woken up to how bad he actually is!!

In Brazil it was 18,947 new cases with 407 more deaths.

In Vietnam it is no new cases and no deaths. Thhat needs checking. If true then they are doing something right!

Stay safe.

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 223

  1. I’ve finished my latest Covid paper… As you’ll see, I’m not pleased with Johnson. Under pressure from sane people like me, he put in place a relatively sane system – the tiered lockdowns – that, given time and experience, could have been made to work. Now, he’s torn that up, and gone in the worst direction possible. I can see the COVID panic lasting a decade or more if these SAGE idiots get their way. They never let a good crisis go to waste!

    But I agree, lockdown without shutting down the schools is madness.

    1. Neil – I agree with you that a tiered system would have worked if:
      1. the tiers made sense and were designed to be effective rather than cosmetic.
      2. if they explained their thinking to the people
      3. If the people accepted their reasoning
      4. If it was based on sound science
      5. If it was properly enforced
      6. If it was backed up with an effective track and trace

      Unfortunately, we have an incompetent clown who can’t deliver any of it!!

      I’ll look forward to having a good look at your Covid report tomorrow! Take care Neil!!

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