The Corona Diaries – Day 219

We went out for a walk today, meeting up with friends and heading down an old railway track near Market Weighton. The sun shone for a while even though it remained cold. That makes 219 consecutive 10,000 steps plus! I’m getting covid fit.

I just enjoy getting out into nature. A buzzard flew overhead, probably waiting for one of us to drop dead. We had lunch on a poets seat. There were wrens, chaffinches and great tits who came to watch us. They flitted really close. Fab.

Back home I played some Tinariwen and did some writing. I’m a bit knackered!!

We’re looking forward to Christmas on zoom! Seems only fair. The virus messed up Eid so why not Christmas?? As long as I’m alright for my summer solstice frolics!! I like to dance naked through the streets, up on to the hills and all around. It’s a pagan fertility rite that I’m partial to, that certainly, unfortunately, drives all the females away! So much for fertility rites eh?

The turkeys are delighted about the Christmas arrangements! (all except the ones on short rations – only small ones are required when you’re eating on your own! But at least the homeless are likely to get fed!

Looks like new lockdowns in Germany and France. Over here we don’t do lockdowns, we do tiers, firebreaks and circuit breaks. They are so old-fashioned over there!

Now we’re in tiers I don’t know what the hell we’re meant to be doing and I don’t really care. I just do what I know, as a biologist, is pretty safe. We have to taqke some risks. That’s life! But, being aware of others and keeping yourself safe seem to me to be what is important.

Back in the war the Luftwaffe were targeting my mother-in-law. They bombed her out of three houses. Now the virus is targeting me. I know it. It’s the North East and East Riding that are zooming up.

Here in the UK we had another 22,885 new cases yesterday. Hospital admissions are up to a 1000 a day and deaths are zooming up again – 367 yesterday.

The trouble is that we are not in a good situation compared to other countries. The Tories have been running down the NHS for a decade. In Germany they have 800 beds per 100,000, in France it’s 591, in the UK it’s 246. Alongside that you have the doctors and nursing staff shortages. We start from a low base.

In the USA there were another 74,410 new cases with 983 deaths. That takes it up to around 230,000 deaths. That’s more than American soldiers killed in World War 1 (116,516), Korea (36,574), Vietnam (58,220), Gulf war (2586) and Iraq 94,418) all together! Good job Trump!

In fact the only good thing to come out of this is that we’ll likely get rid of that moron.

In Brazil the new cases went up to 29,787 with 549 deaths. It would be good to get rid of that insane forest burner too!

In Vietnam – 3 new cases and 0 deaths.

Time we asked what Vietnam has got right!

Stay safe everybody!!

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