The Corona Diaries – Day 217

I was rained on as I walked up my hill today!! What is going on here?? Is there no justice??

No. That is a silly question. Of course there is no justice. Besides, this year has been great. I’ve hardly been rained on at all. I really cannot complain.

After the brief downpour it was fine and it was very inspiring to stand at the top and look around at the land spread out below. On the way up I saw a vole scurrying along and at the top a hare bounded away into the field.

They were harvesting spuds and huge wagon-loads of spuds went sailing past us, loaded up with a massive piles of spuds. It is simply amazing how efficient this whole process is. All the potatoes looked huge and fairly uniform. Not like when I’ve ever grown them.

Back home I’ve been playing some Van Morrison and working on my Harper book.

I’m a bit weary today. All this messing around with clocks is not good for my circadian rhythms. I get out of kilter. It takes me a week to sort it out. But at least the government has paid back the hour they stole off me last Spring (no interest on the compulsory loan though!)

In Coronaland there is talk of a vaccine before Christmas! That would be good. I’m getting weary of all this weirdness. I want some normality. I’ve had enough. I have to keep reminding myself that this pandemic is far from over and that we are in a vulnerable group. It all feels like a sham, but I don’t want to catch the thing! Even if one does come along, it is safe and it works, it is going to take three months to roll it out around the population!

More areas are moving into Tier 3. They are busy inventing Tier 4 and 5! We’ll probably be in tier 8 by the end of the year (isolated in a padded cell, in a straight jacket, being fed through a drip). I said that this would all end in tiers!

I’m so glad that we’ve got Johnson in charge!! What a hero!!

Dido Harding (another Johnson appointment) – can get you a test result (if you want to travel the length of the country) back in three days! Your local Boots can do it in 12 minutes!

Track and Trace is failing miserably (Dido will probably be awarded a George Cross for services rendered). When it is delegated to local areas – lo and behold – it is suddenly effective! Is there a lesson here?

As we head through day 217 of the debacle it seems that Johnson is failing to boost us up into jubilation and Blitz spirit, indeed, we are becoming sceptical, fatalistic and are in denial. For some reason, we don’t believe a word the man says! His oven-ready deals are all undercooked turkeys. His moonshots are damp squibs and his world-beating doesn’t even make an omelette.

The incompetence of our leader is only exceeded by Trump and Bolsonaro!

In the UK we have another 19,790 cases with 174 deaths.

In the USA – another 59,691 new cases with 339 deaths.

In Brazil it’s 13,493 new cases and 231 deaths.

In that hapless Vietnam it’s doubled to 8 new cases with 0 deaths!!

I’m considering moving to Vietnam!!

Stay safe everyone!!

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