Poetry – Fifty-Three Years

Fifty-Three Years

Fifty three years ago

A young lad pulled up outside a house.

It was mid-summer,

The warm sun still shone brightly in the evening.

He sat for a moment calming himself,

A fluttering in his belly,

A nervous heartbeat,

A sense of dread,

Yet also excitement, expectation and anticipation.

He took a breath,

Opened the door,

Climbed out and walked up the short drive.

All around the world was glowing,

New and confident,

Bright and welcoming,


He rang the bell

And there you were;

Dressed in that short summer dress of very pale white and blue,

Long dark wavy hair falling across your shoulders and down your back.

A broad nervous smile, eyes glinting in the sun.

You grinned at me

And I grinned at you.

You closed the door and we set off.

Opher – 24.10.2020

I was on my daily walk, thinking back over these last fifty three years. I can still remember that first day.

The kindling we laid blazed and the fire still burns.

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