Poetry – Love Poem of a Scientist

Love Poem of a Scientist

You meddle with my chemistry

And cause my brain to glow.

You fire all my synapses

So I don’t know what to know.

You make my eyes dilate.

You cause my heart to thud.

My head gets all dizzy

With the rushing of my blood.

For we are now pair-bonded

And our genitals are primed

To exchange genetic material

In rhythms neatly timed.

Our bodies are in constant frenzy

Producing floods of juice;

Releasing all our gametes

To set our babies loose.

Our hormones are synchronised

To keep us as one,

Until we’ve raised our children,

Then our job is done.

With our children safely grown

There’s no need for chemistry,

We’ll be attracted to another

To create more diversity.

So I will love you for as long

As the endorphins storm my brain;

For when I’m full of hormones

I don’t feel any pain.

Opher 2.6.2016

Love Poem of a Scientist

Love is not forever. Forever is a long time.

Love is an emotion created by our brain chemistry. It has a purpose. It joins two people together to mate and produce children and rear those children to adulthood.

Love is no romantic dream; it is science.

We attract a mate. The females select the best they can merge their DNA with. The object is simple – to ensure survival of your genes. That is the only rule. So selection and diversity are what it’s all about.

When we have snared a mate the endorphins flood our brain and turn us mad. We commit to one another. We worship each other, mate and produce our offspring. It is biology.

Then the endorphins decline and reality intrudes.

Biology rules again and our desires seek other mates to satisfy the laws of diversity and increase the chances for survival of our children.

Our success will be judged many hundreds of generations hence by the number of the genes we have in future pools.

For love is biology. It is not forever. It is merely for as long as the hormones flow. Then it is gone.

Friendship is something else. Some people mate for life.

A Love Poem for Valentine’s day – Poetry – Pheromone Gravity

Pheromone Gravity

Like the moon moves the sea.

The flower moves the bee.

With your pheromone gravity

You move me.

Drawn to the flame

In the perennial game

That is always the same

In love’s name.


Attraction is the name of the game as we play the game of procreation. An all-important game of passing genes on to the next generation.

The unseen messages are sent out.

The pheromones, the irises, the reddening of cheeks, the hundred tiny nuances. The subliminal games becomes conscious.

The messages are received and assessed.

The selection takes place.

We are moved or we are not.

Poetry – My Mountains

My Mountains

We cannot live without a heart, without recognition of something worth more than ourselves.

Love gives purpose to existence. It makes us strong, bolsters us when weak and generates power.

In an infinite universe it is not good to be alone.

To share a tea, a sunset or a quiet moment is transcendental. It is enough.

There is nothing more important than love. It is the antidote to the hatred and cruelty that destroys the world.

My Mountains

You are my mountains, hazed with blue mist

My sky

My sun

You are my forests, seas and wind

My stars

My rain

You are my volcanoes and hills

My soil

My trees

You are the ground underneath my feet

My air

My wind

You are my moon serene in the heavens

My clouds

My flowers

You are the touch that wakens me

My morning

My day

You are all the time I hold in my heart

My streams

My shore

You are in me beating with life

My blood

My guts

Without you there is only silence, darkness and perpetual night

For you are my light, my beauty and my truth.

Nothing can exist without you.

Opher 10.9.2015

Poetry – You


When I wake in the morning

The air is sweet with dreams.

The light from the window is crystallised through diamond images of you.

I breathe you in through the pores in my skin;

The freshness

The brightness

Of you.

You are the colours of my world,

The scent upon my breeze,

The essence that binds all things together,

The hum within the leaves.

Nothing would be real without you.

I know that would be true.

If you were to leave

I would just drop through

And moulder in drab dungeons

Through an eternity of grey

Wallowing in emptiness

Through each and every day.

I have to have you near me

Nothing else will do:

Your scent, your colour

The wonder that is you.

Opher August 4th 1995


This is a poem to the mystical woman whose love holds the universe together and gives it meaning. She is not real; no goddess to be worshipped. She is the purpose in life, the muse and meaning.

The atoms are tiny particles floating in space. The distance between their nuclei is so vast that when two solids, with their zillions of atoms hit one another, there is no contact of solid against solid. Without the forces they produce around their nuclei solids would slide through each other; we would drop through the floor and slide through space.

Love gives life meaning and makes it real. Without love it is nothing.

This is also a love poem to my special person who has made my life so much more real and made me a better person.



The universe conspires to bring me to you

The chaos of a butterfly’s wing

Creates a breeze that wafts your scent to me

Generates a hurricane

That rips through the fabric of my dreams

And I am trapped

In orbit around your beauty

Like a satellite who cannot escape the pull of your allure.

Every road leads to the lake

Every journey takes me to the sea

Every action becomes another rivulet

Every breath escapes as a waterfall

Even my thoughts become cascading rapids

That suck me into the whirlpool of your love

You are the water I would sip

Without which there is no life.

I cannot escape you

The stars, the sun, the earth

The air I breathe

The light that reveals the world

Every song; every word

All things that live and dream

Every colour; every note

They are merely there to guide me home

For nothing could exist

If you were not there.

I am not real without you.

Opher 18.10.95

This is a poem for a special person whose metaphorical wings have beaten in my universe for nearly fifty years.

You can’t beat love. Nothing beats love. Each second is made brighter by it; each moment richer.

Chance brings you together. Serendipity gathers you in and you are hooked. Everything has purpose and the purpose is love.

It is nectar on the lips, soft glows in the eyes and blood that sings.

I wrote this for my lady who is the fusion in my reactor.

Poetry – Wishes


I wish you sunset skies

And golden dreams

Warm fires to cuddle by

Arms and lips

And love enough

To weather the roughest storms

I wish that you should know

When not to speak

And when to say sorry

And where to find the love you hid

For when the winter is harsh

And I wish that you

Should always feel

For each other

The way you do today.

Opher 13.6.97

I wrote this for some friends of mine who were getting married. Marriage is a time of great hope and optimism. With a head full of endorphins we set off down the road to the rest of our lives.

For some it is a journey that ends in separation. As the endorphins evaporate so does the love. We are biologically programmed to stay together for around seven years – long enough to raise children through the dangerous years.

But for many others of us the fading of endorphins in not an end. We develop something different that is based on a different love. We learn to love and cherish each other in a different way. It is not the heady feeling of being ‘in love’ but it is something even more worthwhile. That is what I wished for my friends.

Poetry – Fifty-Three Years

Fifty-Three Years

Fifty three years ago

A young lad pulled up outside a house.

It was mid-summer,

The warm sun still shone brightly in the evening.

He sat for a moment calming himself,

A fluttering in his belly,

A nervous heartbeat,

A sense of dread,

Yet also excitement, expectation and anticipation.

He took a breath,

Opened the door,

Climbed out and walked up the short drive.

All around the world was glowing,

New and confident,

Bright and welcoming,


He rang the bell

And there you were;

Dressed in that short summer dress of very pale white and blue,

Long dark wavy hair falling across your shoulders and down your back.

A broad nervous smile, eyes glinting in the sun.

You grinned at me

And I grinned at you.

You closed the door and we set off.

Opher – 24.10.2020

I was on my daily walk, thinking back over these last fifty three years. I can still remember that first day.

The kindling we laid blazed and the fire still burns.

Poetry – The Seasons

The Seasons

We emerged from the barrenness of our winter

Into the Spring of us.

The sap rose in our veins

Setting our brains aflame.

The whole world glowed

In the warmth of our togetherness.

We danced as one

In the soft light,

To the warm breeze of the season.

Each touch electricity,

Each moment a new experience.

For the whole world danced with us.

The sun shone for us.

The entire world was renewed.

As Spring turned to Summer,

The glow deepened,

The dance slowed,

But was more graceful.

The electricity no longer shocked.

For we had discovered all there was,

Immersed ourselves

And become accustomed to the magic.

Our brains were no longer burning,

But were pleasantly warm,

And the dance followed a gentler pace.

Now in the Autumn of us,

We move sedately

Around each other.

Still dancing, but with routine steps,

Paced and well-rehearsed.

There are no surprises

But we smile a lot

As we reminisce

On the tempestuous fire

Of the Springtime

Stored safely,


Within us both

And still bask within its warmth.

Opher – 12.10.2020

Sometimes it is good to reflect back and remember. We cannot always be at the mountain top, with its spectacular views. We cannot always be dancing madly to a ferocious beat. We cannot always feel the cauldron of craziness that consumed us.

But we can still remember it and bask in its glow.

Change is the essence of life.

It has changed but ‘us’ persists.

Poetry – You Breathe My Breath – a love poem for old love.

Poetry – You Breathe My Breath – a love poem for old love.


You Breathe My Breath

When you live with someone for nearly fifty years it is as though you are one. Everything about you has been affected, adjusted and adapted as you learn to rub along.

You have, not only a shared past, but share visions for the future.

Everything we do has been refined as we learn from each other. Both of us would be the less if the other were not there.

We have someone to share stories, bounce ideas off, to lean on and gain perspective, to share wisdom and see more objectively.

Two heads are always better than one. We see things from different angles. We have different strengths, different weaknesses.

Together we are stronger, more confident and better.

You cannot reach so high when you haven’t got a steady shoulder to lean on.

I am a better person.


You Breathe My Breath

You breathe my breath.

You read my mind.

You share my dreams

And all we find.

You wonder with me

And are safe and sound.

In the flood of life

We’re on higher ground.


You’re my safety line

Whenever I fall

That voice of sense

For me to recall.

You’re my compass

And my steering wheel

My fulcrum point

That makes life real.


All I am

Is because of you

All I am

Is because of you

All I am

All I am


Opher 5.12.2015

Late at Night – a poem about love

Late at Night


Late at night

We cuddle up close

I slip my arm around you

And we share our warmth and softness.

Under the covers,

Secure within our cocoon,

While outside

The cold and dark

Are thwarted.





The love and companionship of a long relationship where two people are secure with each other is bliss.

It is a place where wounds are healed, strength is returned and satisfaction is guaranteed.