The Corona Diaries – Day 205

The sun shone today as I made my way up my hill. I was thinking about how often this summer I’ve wandered up there in my shorts T-shirt and sandals. Even though the sun was shining I was dressed much more warmly now and will not see those shorts again until next summer.

I do enjoy getting away to warmer climes for those hard winter months of January and February, but it looks as if the delights of travelling are going to be severely curtailed for the foreseeable future. We will have to share the delights of a warm wood fire and cozying up. Not so bad.

It has been 205 consecutive 10,000 steps or more a day. As the weather changes I know that is going to become harder to maintain. I’ve enjoyed my daily walks and particularly loved seeing nature close up. I find winter hard. I do not like cold and rain.

Back home I played some Yardbirds and am working on my Roy Harper book. I’ve completed a hundred and four pages and am about halfway through the first draft – a long way to go yet.

Out in Coronaland Johnson and Trump are both squirming.

The verdict on Trump is that he has handled both the Covid-19 virus and Black Lives Matter situations appallingly. Not surprising. It is hard to justify with 120,000 deaths and a disease that is out of control. Hopefully, he’ll pay for it in the polls. With the USA surging to another 54,512 cases and another 826 deaths he can arrogantly bluster all he likes but it doesn’t alter the facts that his insane pronouncements, the politicization of the disease, and encouragement of poor practice is responsible for a lot of deaths.

In Brazil it finally, no thanks to Bolsonaro, looks as if the disease is diminishing – down to 10,220 new cases and only 309 deaths.

In the UK Johnson is visibly withering under pressure. He just can’t cope and is floundering badly. He is allowed out for a scripted performance and then disappears! He should be on the media every day – informing, cajoling, praising, clarifying. Obviously, they don’t want him doing that because he makes such a pig’s ear of it.

He is now caught between a spike in the balls and a hammer to the head. The scientists, Labour and his own party are pulling him all over the place.

The madcow wing of his party want all the lockdowns to be lifted. They don’t see the need for anything in the way of action. They are not bothered by the deaths as long as the economy thrives – they’ve probably got a lot of shares!

The WHO has called the type of herd immunity the madcowers are calling for, immoral.

The scientists are screaming at him to lockdown and that the virus is out of control.

Labour is siding with the scientists and calling for a two-week lockdown to get it back under control – with suitable compensation for those who can’t work.

So Johnson has ignored everyone and gone with some daft three-tier system that falls between all stools. It is not severe enough to control the virus and will damage the economy. It does not provide support for anyone.

The tiers of a clown.

I hope that all those people who put their faith and votes behind these three overprivileged populists are waking up to the reality. They are incompetent, lazy liars.

We’ll see what transpires!! Brexit is looming.

Stay safe everyone! We are being ruled by imbeciles!! It’s down to us.

9 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 205

  1. Ever get the feeling Opher that BoJo’s end is nigh? I don’t think his fate is solely dependent on the whim and will of mutineering back-benchers but is somehow inextricably linked to Trump’s success or failure in November. The Tories are getting nervous as Trump slumps further and further in the polls and with his demise goes possibility of a Trump-conceived free-trade deal with the republican-controlled U.S. The Democrats have stated they will not do a deal if the Internal Market Bill is used to override the Northern Ireland protocol. Unless BoJo rows-back, compromises, or concedes ground on trade-deal demands with the EU, there will be no agreement with the EU, and the U.K are stuffed.

    BoJo’s decisions on Tiered lock-down contradict the evidence coming from SAGE over the last few days. SAGE suggest the government’s new measures do not go far enough and advance the idea of circuit-breaker type lock-downs to impede/delay/constrict the transmission of Covid. Even Tory-lightweight Starmer has broken ranks with his support of the government and urges BoJo to lock-down, but yet still the clown insists he knows best and as he did back in March delays taking decisive action to prioritise the economy – appease his party, his political donors and those with vested interests – over saving lives. Delaying lock-down is politically motivated. Safely lifting any short period of lock-down is dependent on the effectiveness of Test and Trace, which at this time is failing and having only a marginal impact on mitigating the spread. Devolution of Serco’s national T & T to regional authorities is therefore a necessity and must be in place before restrictions are lifted. The government has few, if any other effective options left if it is to beat the virus.

    The UK has recorded 19,724 new coronavirus cases over the last 24 hours – a new daily record and an increase of almost 2,500 (or 14%) on yesterday’s total. Clearly Covid 2nd wave will hit harder than earlier in the year: a main driver of which among others, is the reopening of schools, colleges and universities. How many more must run the risk of infection and possible death before this shower of a government act in the public’s best interests?

    Regards your daily walk: curiously, as I read yesterday’s post the Dire Straits song Telegraph Road came to mind: specifically the lines, which seem to coincide with the starlings on the wire, the rainbow as a bridge to somewhere else, and your thoughts today on lost opportunity for a winter holiday in Jan/Feb. There’ll always be another time to holiday!

    ‘And the birds up on the wires and the telegraph poles
    They can always fly away from this rain and this cold
    You can hear them singing out their telegraph code
    All the way down the Telegraph Road’

    Enjoy your evening! Stay safe.


    1. Yes – I think Johnson’s fate is tied up with Trump. His whole world is crumbling around him. The polls are well down. His popularity has melted away. The backbenchers are against him. The population is against him. Brexit is looking dire. Trump is going down and that deal’s off. The Dems are not going to roll over for him. The virus is going berserk and all his measures are failing. Rishi is soaring. T&T, Apps, Moonshots, all crap. No sign of a vaccine. He’s in the shit.
      They’ll let him do Brexit so they can get their hands on the loot and then they will dump him. From the look of him he really wants to be dumped. It can’t come soon enough. He knows he’s failed and is out of his depth.

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