12 thoughts on “Rees-Mogg cartoons

  1. Mithering Mogg, the lounging loafer, what an odious little man he is: clearly niggled by the rightful, withering indignation of the expectant masses, he lifts his nose from the trough long enough to squeak a few words in support of a failed Tory government. As days go by more and more evidence will come to light to vindicate the public’s view.


      1. It’s time for BoJo the mendacious to go.

        Let’s also be mindful of the fact that Starmer actively encouraged the return of kids to school as well. Clearly he didn’t have the best interests of teachers at heart either. I wonder if he now regrets the decision to back the PM?


      2. I don’t know. I think the kids did need to go back and that means covid would increase but they should have had detailed strategies. They’ve been left too exposed.
        It is a difficult one. The stupid thing was allowing inside eating and drinking and not enforcing distancing.

    1. I sense that all the lies and ineptitude is beginning to catch up with them. Johnson’s days are numbered. As soon as he is no longer an asset they will dispense with him. They are seeing how useless he is and the public are seeing through him too. They really do not like Cummings either. He’s not one of them and a loose cannon.

      1. I agree. Good riddance to both of them.

        I hope any legal action will evolve into the full-blown public inquiry that should rightfully take place regarding the U.K government’s response to Covid.


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