The Corona Diaries – Day 163

Quite a pleasant day in Yorkshire. The sun was breaking through and it’s warm with a westerly breeze. It made for a pleasant walk up my hill. Work continues on my Roy Harper book – I’m on Chapter 23 now! Looking good.

Back in Covidland we see the same old pattern of uselessness. Contact in or ‘world-beating’ Track and Trace was a woeful 43% of contacts in Bradford – and not much better elsewhere – ranging from 48%-49%. It’s simply not good enough.If we had a PM who was as good at doing as he is at promising we’d be alright – as it is we’re not.

Some people are having to travel 100 miles to get tested. It’s pathetic!

I want a system that tells me the risk I have in my own locality and will quickly track, trace and isolate anyone with symptoms. Until that happens I don’t feel safe.

Anyone who believes all the guff from the windbag about safe travel and safe working conditions in offices is in cloud cuckoo land. It is obvious that they just want the economy performing.

I’m fed up with all these lies, bluster and misinformation. They are even making it hard to get up to date details. The virus is on the increase again – up to 1508 new cases and 17 deaths. That’s not looking good as we head into winter.

Job redundancies are starting to kick in – Costa are talking of 1650 job cuts. It’s the start of a long list.

Cases are going up again across Europe with planes from Crete and Greece having multiple cases.

The low death rates are the one good thing in all this gloom. We’re still not sure why. Is the virus becoming less lethal or is it just a lower age profile and more testing? Time will tell.

The NHS are doing a great job (still with no sign of a pay-rise). They are trying out a lot of new treatments which seem to be effective.

There is the survivors blood plasma – containing antibodies.

Immunodepressing steroids – such as dexamethasone (cheap).

Remdesivir – the antiviral used on Ebola (bought up by the USA – so you won’t be trying that).

There’s Interferon B – that cuts down inflammation.

Or you can pray to Jesus (only recommended to those who don’t mind dying).

My advice is to put off having the illness until they’ve got the whole thing sussed or we have a vaccine so you don’t need to get it at all.

I see herd immunity is back on the table in the States. They don’t seem to mind if it kills 3 million+. At least the economy will function and Trump will be re-elected.

In the battle for worst leadership Bolsonaro is still out in from – Brazil has another 46,934 cases yesterday with 1184 deaths. Trump with the USA could only muster 37,630 new cases and 1184 deaths (still that is 180,000 deaths – we’re going to pass the number killed in 1st, 2nd World Wars, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq combined – not bad going Trump). Hold a few more rallies, stir up a lot more protests and get that virus spreading – you’ll soon outdo Bolsonaro! Tell your base it’s a hoax and that distancing and face masks are a Deep State commie plot.

Take care everyone – the end is nigh! Stay safe til it comes!

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