Jonathan Pie – Rant on schools and our moral duty.

Jonathan Pie does his rant on how the government is making a mess out of all this. He passionately dissects the hypocrisy.

Thanks John Peachey!

12 thoughts on “Jonathan Pie – Rant on schools and our moral duty.

      1. My favorite thus far is ‘Wear a mask!’ I think they’d make great public health videos on T.V – post watershed of course! Lol

        Of late I’ve been busy working hard at the coal-face Opher and in-between getting some walking done as well. Work is tiring: not just long hours, but being masked, gloved, staying aware, and socially distanced all the time takes it toll. I’m no spring-chicken anymore Lol All is well.


      2. I’m glad to hear that you are well. Work is tiring but I bet you’re still glad you are out of that government hellhole. I’ll have to watch a few more Pies. Suits my style.

  1. Indeed, it’s tiring, hot and sweaty, a different ballgame altogether, but we have a laugh, the atmosphere is relaxed and supportive, and the people genuine. I pity those that may still be working for my former employer. If they had any sense they’d leave.

    I knew you’d appreciate Pie! I should’ve sent a link to you when he was first brought to my attention a little while ago.


      1. Cheers Opher.

        In many ways you are fortunate…(I’ve been waiting for retirement all my working life!)…least of which is that every hour of every day is yours to do with as you will.

        Pie is hilarious. He should be signed up to do Mock the Week.

        Have a great weekend. Take care,


      2. Survival is the key to retirement. I was fortunate in that I stumbled into a career in teaching that I loved. The kids were brilliant. Kept me going – and I could express myself.

      3. I’ve always imagined retirement to be more about living life rather than merely surviving: having fewer restrictions (other than at present) and obligations and opportunity to tick all remaining check-boxes and complete the bucket list.

        Family members involved in teaching say much the same as you do about their particular profession. They are there for the kids as much the salary, and derive a sense of fulfillment.


      4. I meant surviving long enough to reach it Dewin. Retirement is great. It provides the time to do what you want. That is superb. I’ve written loads, travelled loads and read loads. It is just a shame that it comes at the end rather than the beginning. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
        Teaching is a brilliant career (or was – I think they are making it harder – teaching by numbers) but it is hard work.

      5. Point taken. I guess youth is all about taking risks, living wild and free and later years more about living imaginatively.

        I’m sure retiring will be every bit as good as I imagine. First thing I’m going to do is discard the wristwatch.

        I just hope I’ll be able to afford to retire with some years still left to enjoy it!


      6. I’ve had nine so far! I’m active and thoroughly enjoying it. It’s just a shame that the body and brain are not quite as spritely as they once were. I’m sure your time will come. In the meantime, make the most of every minute.

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