Petra – First sight of the fabulous Treasury – photos

As we walked along the long cleft in the rock we finally came to the end.  In between the two sides of the cleft a slice of pink sculpted rock peeped through. It looked beautiful.

With every step the size of the slice grew bigger.

Until, finally, we stepped out to see the Treasury in all its glory.

Carved by the Nabateans thousands of years ago, out of the sandstone cliff, with its columns, sculptings and embellishments it shone pinkly like a marvellous palace.

The effect on a 21st-century traveller, used to seeing the world’s most incredible sights, was breath-taking. One could only imagine the effect on a naive trader from ancient times.

It was designed to be impressive. This building screamed power. That was what it had been created for.

Petra was the centre of trade. Inside this building (nowhere near as impressive) the traders were seated, plied with food and drink, and the negotiations began.

The wealthy merchants of Petra already had the upper hand.

Outside the Treasury the tourists milled around as traders offered them camel rides and trinkets.

A placid, adorned camel was strategically placed. I obliged.

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