The Corona Diaries – Day 136.

The Cummings saga refuses to go away. A report states that the Barnham Castle ‘incident’ played a big part in undermining confidence in the government and their position regarding Covid-19. A lot of people thought that if he could do it, so could they, and began ignoring guidelines.

That is bad enough.

Now it seems there is controversy over whether Cummings travelled to Durham for a second time. He denies it – but he would, wouldn’t he? He says he has evidence but refuses to release it.

Why would he refuse to release it?

I think that he and Johnson are so used to lying and getting away with it that they believe they can say what they like.

We’ll see how this pans out. If the government wasn’t in with such a majority I think they’d be concerned – but basically, they can do anything they want and ignore everyone (as they are doing). With an election four years away they have carte blanche.

So we stumble along – quarantining more countries, new cases rising steadily – now 950, deaths up again to 55 – more shutdowns, and a track and trace system (world-beating) that couldn’t find its own backside in the dark (even with a torch).

Meanwhile, in the USA Covid-19 cases are heading right up to 60,184 as Trump flounders around and becomes increasingly incoherent and erratic. He condoned people taking off facemasks and says it is going away. How can anyone lead so badly? 160,000 have died and the virus is surging. He’s trying to pretend it’s not happening! It won’t go away until they start taking it seriously.

Brazil is just as bad – another 50,000 cases. Are these populist idiots trying to outdo each other?

It is good to get out into nature and forget the rancid stench of politics. Nature heals.

Today I went for a long walk in the Yorkshire sunshine. Another beautiful day. Back home I am listening to Jack Kerouac putting his poems to Jazz music and watching England beat Pakistan in the first Test Match. A really exciting game.

Not doing a lot of writing. But there’s tomorrow!

Stay safe! Keep distancing! Keep safe!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 136.

  1. Opher, I’m writing my next “monster” essay on COVID, and I came across a country that seems to be doing things right. That country is Luxembourg. Their figures look poor, but they’re going in the right direction. Unlike Johnson and co. Watch my space… three or four days now till it’s ready, I’d guess.

    My heel is getting better, but still isn’t quite right. I’ve decided to abandon walking and use the car for all my trips until it’s fully healed (no pun intended). That means I need to eat a bit less, but I can deal with that.

    Oh, and stay sane.

    1. Sorry to hear your heel isn’t healed. I know what a pain these things are.
      I look forward to reading that piece on Covid Neil – I’m sure you’ll have done a thorough job!
      What about climate change.

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