Exploring Manilla – Photos

There were lots of guards with big guns, lots of bustle, dirt, wires and decaying buildings. It looked very edgy. We hired a pedalocab and set off to explore – forts, cathedrals, squares, slums, a lot of bustle. Colourful and interesting.

10 thoughts on “Exploring Manilla – Photos

  1. Ah, Manila…been since we’ve been there. That opening shot looks like it was taken in Ermita, around Padre Fuara and Del Pilar aves. If so, our “Manila address” was the hotel, two buildings back. The Asaya. Aussie owned. Will have to haul out pics of us getting “attacked” by Philipine air force prop fighters on Mindoro. Exciting place, the PI…the month of living dangerously…what year was your visit?

      1. AH, three years. recent, then. Calm now except for murdering drug users by thousands. We were last there in ’99, 91 and 88. Worked in PI for a half year in mid 80s. Loved it there. Had to always stay alert, but you do her now too. *shrugs*

      2. A lot of guys around with big guns. It felt very edgy. That must have been even edgier back then – but then a lot of the world is like that. Parts of the US were just as bad when I lived there. You had to watch your back. I dread to think what it’s like now.

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