The Corona Diaries – Day 81

Is Johnson winging it?? That is the question as deaths rise to over 300 and the national statistics survey claims there are 8000 a day of new cases, are we really following sound scientific advice or risking it?

There was a big report on Newsnight about how the Care Homes were dumped on. Hancock’s word of throwing a protective ring around them will surely come back to haunt them.

It was official that we have more new cases that all of the EU 27 States combined. That is a sorry state of affairs.

Yet out on the streets it is getting back to normal and they are looking for schools to reopen without any idea of how social distancing could possibly work.

The only way out of this would be to test and follow up but they still haven’t got a handle on it.

They are putting everyone coming into the country on a 14 day quarantine – more than a bit late now! We’re the ones with the virus. Incomers are more at risk from us than we are from them.

So today I watched the ‘Black Lives Matter’ riots in the USA, with Trump stirring it up, and the protests in the UK. The world is in a mess.

The sooner we get some decent leaders the better!!

I played my Linton Kwesi Johnson, took a walk up my hill in light drizzle, processed some photos and did some writing.

Just another day in lockdown!

Stay safe!!

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